REVIEW // Essie “spin the bottle”, the perfect nude ?

It was a long time ago that I started to have interest in nude nail polishes. They’re pretty much the only ones I was interested in. I remember how one of my friends couldn’t believe that I was only asking her to buy me a transparent nail polish for my birthday (it was the small budget gift at the time). I asked that because it was impossible to find any skin color nail polish in a store at that time. But I wanted the same nails as the models in magazines which were colourless. Ever since, I bought and tested some of those nude products and my last find is an Essie one, the number 312 called “Spin the bottle”.

I found it in a clearance sale for only three euros. It was my first Essie product ever. I tested it anxious that it would be too dark and creamy like the Dior 219, too thin like the swanskin beige from & Other Stories (it’s actually a manicure nail polish), too white or that it would take too long to dry like a nude I bought from O.P.I. But really, I had nothing bad to say about this nail polish.

Two layers are enough, each dries in ten minutes. The finish doesn’t make bubbles (a problem I had in the past), the color is not too dark, at least on my skin, even though it sometimes looks kind of “foundation-y” in a certain light. Most important, the finish is plain and opaque.

It’s so easy to apply and I usually just paint one finger at a time when the color goes away. The brush is optimal, wide, it can take a bit quantity of nail polish (which is pretty liquid and non-creamy) and spread it all over in only one movement or two. Don’t forget to use a top coat to make it more elegant.

You’ve got it, I recommend this nude treasure to every girl who is looking for one. Note that my skin is not white white and that the color might be too dark for someone with pale skin. The other nail polishes quoted earlier from & Other Stories and O.P.I. might then be more of your carnation. But when it comes to product quality and application, Essie is certainly the way to go. Plus : it is perfect for nude feet.



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