December Wishlist.

For my sixth post, I thought I’d write a wishlist. After reviewing some of the things that I have, it was only right that I wrote about some of the things I wish I had (some of them are on my future purchase list and will soon be mine). Just because I don’t have the money to buy everything I want doesn’t mean my ideas shouldn’t be shared. So here comes my very first wishlist, the December 2014 wishlist.

1. Cape Zara // 129€
I fell in love with this cape on Polyvore. I saw it and just like that, I wanted a cape. That cape. Why a cape ? I love the originality of having a cape and not a simple coat. I love how it falls straight, makes you look classy, cute and styled at the same time. Why this one ? Frist thing first, it’s black. I’m not considering buying any winter outwear that would not be black. This one also happens to be long enough to hide the butt which is just the right length. Finally, it’s made of wool which keeps you warm in winter. Exactly what I’m looking for. This price is also pretty okay for a coat. So, this is my must have this winter.

2. O.P.I. matte top coat // 9$
I found out about that a few days ago and I instantly know I had to have a matte top coat. I have to have a matte manicure. I was never really into shiny and always thought matte was classier. This discovery is making me able to accomplish my dream nails. Well, when I’ll have it.

3. Naked Vault by Urban Decay // 280$
Okay, this might be a little too much but really I did not want to choose only one palette. Also, I felt like I needed that when I first heard about the vault. Urban Decay’s nakeds have become so mythic to me that I feel the need to have some (even though I only have one now). I thought if I’m making a wishlist, I’d better make it big. However, if I had to choose only one product, it would be the naked one. Just so you know.

4. White chapka by Promod // 20€
Winter is here and my head is yet not protected. A chapka quickly became my must have head protection for this winter but my old one broke down. As I was shopping for some gifts, I came across this big white chapka from Promod. I tried it and found that it looked wonderful, worn with my all black look. It was a source of enlightment and it made me look healthy. I guess I’ll buy it when I can’t bare the cold anymore, unless my boyfriend hears my desperation before that.

5. Babyliss 2 in 1 // 40€
I’ve been wanting to be able to have curls for a while now and also to be able to discipline my hair by straightening them when I need them to look perfect for an event. But I hadn’t put so much importance into it. Until I came across this 2 in 1 in an ephemeral store in Brussels. The price, which was cheaper than I expected, made me feel like it was actually something I could buy and now, I just really want it. However, it’s not a priority.

6. Nikon D3200 // 450€
This is the last piece of the list because this is the reason why I can’t buy any of the things ahead. I have been saving for this camera for three months now. I’ve only been missing 150€ but small expenses keep coming in the way such as movie night, gloves, gifts and Christmas night, and finally a brush set that I will show you soon enough. I really want to save but I also can’t keep myself from buying for some “essential things” and spending money to see my friends. However, I need this camera to provide you with nice outfit and products pictures. So I hope I’ll get it soon.

This is it, the December wishlist is over. I hope I gave you ideas for your winter purchases.



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