January wishlist.

The original beautyblender // $19.95.
Now that I have the brushes, I really want a sponge that can achieve such a nice skin. This is the most popular one but I think I’d rather go for a cheaper one.

Smooth Finish Small Format Binder by Martha Stewart // $8.99.
I really want to have a binder to keep my planner pages. It has to be beautiful but the leather ones are really expensive (see the next one), this Martha Stewart black and smooth binder is everything that I like and I can’t wait to make it beautiful.

Binder Timer 21 prestige 15×21 by Quo Vadis // 121€.
Okay well that would be my ideal planner but you can’t everything in life.

Hot buns by JML // £5.99.
I deseperatly need a bun and this one happens to make things easier. Of course I watched reviews and it seems to work! The price is appealing too.

Essential shimmers palette by Makeup Revolution // £4.00.
I just found out about Makeup Revolution and I was amazed by the price. Apparently, it seems to be good quality too and I just want to order a bunch of stuff. This palette is everything that I like. The colors and nudy and natural just as I like.

Iconic 2 by Makeup Revolution // £4.00.
I immediatly recognized it as a dupe but I don’t care, I think I’ll try this palette before bying the expensive verion. I used to prefer the Naked 1 but these colors are really talking to me.

Ultra Cover and Conceal Palette-Light by Makeup Revolution // .
This is the first Makeup Revolution product I came accross. And I’m craving it right now. I can’t find the Maybelline Eraser Eye in stores anymore and I’m trying to find something to replace it. The price makes this one a go for it. If I had to buy only one MR product, it would be this one.



7 thoughts on “January wishlist.

  1. I have the Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 and i adore it! Cannot fault the quality for £4! I really want to try their bigger £8 palette (I foget the name) too. Im definitely a new fan of this brand.


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