Resolutions for 2015 !

I wish you again a happy new year, even though it’s started for two weeks now. I see a lot of people sharing their resolutions and I really want to share mine with you. I’m trying to make them possible and concrete rather than recycling the same as every year.

1. I want to spend more time with my friends and cherish them more. I’ve been spending most of my time with my boyfriend for two years now and I’ve neglected my friendships. My boyfriend happens to be my best friend but that doesn’t mean he has to be my only friend. I want to invite my girls over for some sleepovers when I have the occasion and propose meetups.

2. Related to the first one, I’d like to get more sociable. I’ve never been the most outgoing or popular but I used to communicate well with people. I’ve become quite socially awkward and feel like I’m not confident enough anymore to form a friendship with someone or bond with people. I’m never really alone so I don’t make the effort to get to bond with other people than my boyfriend. People tell me that I’m cold but really I’m not (maybe you’ve heard of the bitch resting face) or at least I don’t want to be. And that’s pretty sad. I want to get back that part of me.

3. I want to grow my blog which is a project I really want to commit to. I’ve opened so many blogs that I didn’t commit to because I didn’t feel good enough or I didn’t have the consistency. I want to commit to what I love and this is writing about beauty, style and lifestyle. It kind of gives sense to my life to communicate about those things that have such a daily impact on me. I’ve just found out about blog planners and after looking through so many that didn’t fit me, I decided to do my own. It’s pretty simple and plain (just as I love), functional and adapted to my way of blogging.

4. Create a travel notebook. I came across it on Pinterest as I did for the blog planners. Ever since I was in age of collecting things, I collected all sorts of souvenirs from holidays. It all holds in a box that I never open. What a waste. What if I pasted it all in a notebook where I could also draw and write? It could be everything from a Starbucks bill to a train ticket, all those stuff I always keep. I chose to use a notebook that I had bought in the USA when I was 15 and that I only used a little to talk about stupid teenager stuff.


5. Positivity. I found this idea somewhere but I don’t know where anymore. It’s pretty simple. I get a jar called “2015” and every time something good happens, I write it on a piece of paper and put it in. It can only be open at the end of the year or in case of depression.


6. Be more active, accomplish my objectives. And I just found the perfect app (I’m using it actively during this blocus time). It’s called GoalTracker and you can get it at google play. You can add your objectives by category. There’s the numeric type where you say what is your numeric goal and in how much time you want to accomplish it (for example the number of pages of a book) and as you complete it, you see your percentage and if you’re in the shit or not aha. There’s also the yes/no type. For instance, you want to exercise twice a week. Twice a week you’ll have to input if yes or no you have done it and see if you’re consistent enough or not with the percentage. I think it’s kind of motivating for school.


7. I want to get level B2 in German. It’s my new favorite language and I’m really putting hard work here with all the Verbotene Liebe episode I’ve watched! Language is really my high point when it comes to communication and I’d feel accomplished if I achieved this level.

This list is very long and all of these will demand hard work. I think the most difficult will be the first one because I often feel out of place and that is a hard feeling to go by but they will also be the most fulfilling once achieved and that is why I will put so much energy in them. I’ve also had the idea of reporting every month the progress I’ve made with those resolutions in a small notebook a friend gave me for Christmas. It’s a nice way to not forget about them and the best way to succeed I guess.

Do not hesitate to share your own resolutions, I want to know about them too x


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