REVIEW // Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, amazing find.

Remember my January wishlist, the beauty blender was on it. Well I didn’t wait long to buy a makeup sponge. The praises were just too intense for me to resist. I knew Real Techniques sold a sponge at my local Di (a drugstore). I obviously watched review on youtube before buying it and my doubt flew away.

Ever since I started using the Real Techniques orange sponge, my makeup has been amazing. Truly, what can I say more. Foundation has never appeared so natural. Like the beautyblender, you have to wet it and let it swollen before you use it. This takes approximately 10 to 15 seconds. Then you should press it in a towel. If your sponge is full of old foundation because you’re nasty and haven’t cleaned it yet (like me), foundation will end up on your towel which is annoying. But why press it in a towel ? Because taking off all the water off the sponge is simply impossible. It never feels not wet, which is weird. It always feels like there’s more. Also, it gets dirty quite quickly and I still haven’t looked up how to clean it.

Anyway, when it comes to applying, I apply my liquid foundation directly on the flat part of the sponge and tap it around to apply it on my cheeks and then, tap again to blend. I take only little product once at a time for every part of my face. I usually split foundation 7 times. One for each of my cheeks, I small one for my chine and up my mouth, a small one for my nose, one for my forehead, a small one for my eyes, and one for my neck. Overall, it works amazingly. The foundation is blended evenly and the first time I used it, I felt like there was no foundation at all on my face. But I could see my skin getting more beautiful as I progressed. The only minus is that the flat side doesn’t apply foundation very well under the eyes.

I also use the sponge to blend out my Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer (which I finally found in Geneva). To do it, I use the pointy side of the sponge. It’s amazing how fast it blends everything and makes it look so natural without seeming like it absorbs all the product. My face just seems naturally enlightend.

All this text to say that I’m quite pleased. I haven’t noticed using more product than usual and the result is amazing and natural. The price, 9€ at Di in Belgium is pretty appealing compared to the 19$ beautyblender. I even got this one for less thanks to my Di card. The price is fitting the quality. Overall, I’m very satisfied !



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