January (and february) favorites.


My January favorites come a little late, they’ll probably stand for the February ones as well as I calmed down in purchasing beauty products (and I’m satisfied with my new routine). Those are some products that I discovered or have been using this month. Let me introduce you to them.

1. First comes the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. You may have seen my review about it and read that I was pretty pleased about it. It would be hard not to include it in this favorites post since it completely changes the way one does makeup. It makes it all look natural and plain, I don’t think I’ll ever use my fingers or brush again.

2. Catrice primer and fine. I had been wanting to buy a primer for quite a while but well, it’s very hard to find primers in Belgium. It’s like Belgian people do not need primer which is absurd. It’s simply not a thing so they simply don’t sell it. I bought this one in Geneva (not the best place to buy stuff because everything is expensive) and I did not really try to find the best one, I just took the one that was there. Anyway, I’m happy with it, it’s a hydrant one and I’m amazed by how it works.

3. Then come the lip balms from Lollipops. I was going to buy a stick but the seller ask me if I wanted to buy those two for only 5€. So I took them. I’m not very experienced with lip balms so I don’t know if they work perfectly but they do soften my lips and also taste very good ahah. I personally chose Malicieuse and Delicieuse.

4. The Lancaster Infinite Bronze Blush Variations 001. This is a fun story because I found that in my mom’s products a long time ago (once again) and I always thought those were eyeshadows. Until I found out last month it was actually a blush. And I’ve been using it ever since. I love how all the colors combine. I’ve only been using the light side and it gives such a natural effect. It’s clear yet colored, much more subtle than my Kiko blush. In a word, I love it. It’s old but I haven’t noticed any skin reaction and my mom barely used it which means I’m going to stick to it for a while.

5. The Bourgeois Nailpolish Remover. I’d been wanting to buy one for so long and I finally did. It makes it so easy to remove nailpolish going weird. It says it works it’s magic in 1 second but really, your finger will have to make love to this hole for like two or three minutes before you finishes all of them.

6. Last but not least, the color Venus from Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay. I started using it in the inner corner of my eyes to enlighten them and it has been working very well. I simply love this color that I never used before.

Well this is it. January has been a month of beauty product discoveries. I hope you like the ones presented in this favorites list and that they inspire you. I see you soon for another post!



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