Take away makeup.

Makeup doesn’t last all day and we all know it. It may last for long but it sometimes calls for some touch up, especially when you want to look your best at an event or a party. But what products do you take with you? Transporting your whole makeup bag is not an option. I advise you to take your favorite products with you, the ones you trust. I personally don’t by them double. I simply keep them in a little pocket I got with the Glamour that I zip up and throw in my bag when I’m done with my makeup and leaving.

Most important item to take with you is concealer. I take my Maybelline Eraser Eye everywhere. The applicator makes it easy to apply and the coverage it offers is amazing. It also works great as lightener. It’s perfect for touch up and making sure your skin stays even. Even better could be having a small concealer palette that has a green, a red and a beige concealer in case of redness or dark rings.

A product that is always with me in my bag is the Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder 125 nude beige which I only use to mattify my skin while I’m out. It also works great to even out your skin tone when you’re foundation is part gone. I almost never need it. I usually use it the next morning after a sleep over to not look sick. I apply it with a small fluffy brush I bring with me.

You may also want to bring mascara with you as your mascara tends to fall off during the day and you might need to pump your lashes up to continue through the night. I personally bring my L’Oréal Miss Manga Black Angel mascara with me and it’s amazing.

Lastly, you should take your lipstick with you but only if you wear one. I personally take a Moroccan lipstick which creates a natural rosy color when you apply it, depending on the color of your lips. It does not look like you’re wearing lipstick or gloss. Your lips simply change color.

This is pretty much all you should have with you in your bag. This does not take so much space. Any foundation, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil seems superficial to me but it depends on how perfect you want your makeup to look. You might want to take your blush with you but I don’t consider it that important.

I hope this post helps you know what you should take with you. I personally find concealer and powder the most important as having oily or uneven skin can quickly ruin your look. Comment below and tell me what makeup you take in your bag ! I see you soon for another post x



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