What’s in my bag ?


Hello lovely readers! I wish women could, as for men, get out of the house without a bag whole of diversified stuff. I wish we could go by with only a wallet in the pants and an organizer in the hand. But that’s not the case and that’s why I offer you today a look inside my bag, the one that I take to university and mostly everywhere. It is a huge bag that I found at Zara last year and I chose it because it could contain my computer. It is perfect and it’s only inconvenient is that people can see inside it because it does not close from above. Here is a list of all the things I put in it most of the time.

1. An Esprit umbrella, red to color my usual all blacks. It’s an essential in the rainy weather we face in Belgium.

2. A wallet from SIX, simple, cheap, beige with two compartments because I need a lot of space in my wallet.

3. A small makeup bag I got with Glamour. You can see what it contains on this post.

4. A broken brush with a scrunchy (such a weird word but that’s the only one I found) around it. I take this one because it does not take so much space.

5. A hand cream because when it’s winter time.

6. A small mirror I got at HEMA for very cheap.

7. Tissues because well, it’s always useful.

8. A bottle of water because we need 8 glasses of water a day. A bottle is only 4 glasses so I often don’t drink more than that.

9. Lip balms Lollipops.

10. Gloves because again, Belgium is freezing.

11. Sunglasses from I am. My eyes are very sensitive to sunshine and sometimes, I can’t quite open them when the daylight is too bright, even with clouds in the sky. It’s not often the case in winter but I still have to get them out sometimes.

12. A Hairagami bunmaker that works amazingly. It makes making buns just that easy. Its resting form is round so it does not take a lot of space. I’m not one to tie my hair in the morning but this is perfect to avoid tired flat hair after a long day.

13. The Filofax my boyfriend offered me a few days ago. I already made it my own by adding up my blog planner sheets, creating a sticky notes page, putting up a pocket full of pens and placing the dividers.

14. I almost always carry a newspaper with me. It’s part of my information and communication cursus to read the paper every day. Of course I don’t, but I try to read as much as possible, I still have to summarize one for my fellow students.

15. A USB key in case I’m at the university and need to print something in a hurry. I just transfer it to the USB and go print it.

Well, that’s it. This is what was in my bag today but I take most of these objects on a daily basis. This gives you a good view of what I do every day (class, class and class) and what are my essentials to go through the day. I want to apologize for my lack of activity, be sure that I’m not giving up on what is such a source of joy for me (and I hope for you too in a way). I can’t post more than once a week, unfortunately, due to my very busy schedule but I’d never let a week pass without posting.

I’ll see you very soon with a new post. If you have post ideas that you’d like me to cover, don’t hesitate to share them with me. Also, if you’re doing your own bag post, send the link and I’ll definitely check it out!



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