OUTFIT // sun is out.


Sun is out and so are some of my lighter clothes. I can finally wear this lovely parka that I bought for only 20€ at Zara during the sales. It still protects quite well against the cold by blocking the wind. It’s difficult to believe that this jacket is actually a size XS. Imagine what it must look like in medium. I made the outfit even more cold proof by adding a grey infinity scarf from H&M. Underneath this, I wore a simple white shirt from Mango and blue trousers from Pull&Bear. I completed the look with running shoes from Nike. At first I actually intended to wear them for running but then it just became part of my day outfits. Their grey color makes them easy to marry with any non-flashy color, it doesn’t attract the eye too much. How great is it to go out with a naked ankle and not freeze ? It is great. But really my boots were broken and so is my black jacket (which I have been too lazy to repair). I usually go for black and so this outfit is quite unusual for me. The only black items in this outfit are the socks. I’ll agree that this is not the most colorful outfit I could’ve thrown, but this is something.

If you like this outfit, let me know and if you don’t, let me know too! I’ll see you soon for another post (hopefully before next Sunday) and I wish you a happy week-end x






12 thoughts on “OUTFIT // sun is out.

  1. The blue trousers look very comfortable! I have actually never heard of Pull&Bear, which looks like somewhere I should start looking at. I definitely love that you stepped out of your comfort zone(black).


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