They caught my eye in march.


Hello lovely readers ! In order to inspire you a little, I intend to share with you some items and products that caught my eye and that I would (and maybe will) add to my belongings if I had the occasion to. It kind of replaces the monthly wishlist but this is less of a “I want this, could someone buy it for me” than an inspiration for you and for me. You can never really buy everything that catches your eye, and this is important since this blog is about choosing wisely when it comes to beauty, style or lifestyle. But that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t share the love. Enjoy.

1. Hunters. Earlier this winter, I chose to wear black rainboots from Zara that I fell in love with. A while after, they broke down. And I haven’t found new ones since. I want rainboots and I’ve come across the Hunters online. They’re gorgeous and I want them in black. But there are two disadvantages: they’re a little bit too expensive and they’re not sold in Belgium.

2. Envelope bags. With a strap, if possible. Perfect for a night out, for which taking your whole house isn’t an option. A bag that’s even a little too big can easily ruin a classy look. Do I really need my umbrella when going to the restaurant, my huge wallet when clubbing? No. The ideal: black and matte unlike the one on the picture.

3. Triangl bikinis. Don’t you think that bra-looking bikini tops suit better to little breasts than the triangle-shaped ones? I always found myself way sexier in those, probably because they don’t point how unskinny I am. Unfortunately, bra-looking bikinis are impossible to find here, at least in my size and Triangl is not sold in Belgium. Someday, maybe…

4. Black heeled angle boots. Everyone seems to have a pair of them in Brussels and I just want one too. I love how it can make your look classy in no time. Plus, all I have anymore are runnings. I can’t wait to integrate them into my black head-to-toes. The ideal : a true sole under the ball of the foot to make it look more bold and less womany. These ones cost €60.81 and are from asos.

5. A medium sized black bag with a strap (I really hate bags without straps). I want it to be casual-chic easy to wear, not rigid. I had one but the person who repaired its strap made it way too short. This type of bag I use for every activity that does not require me to take my computer or syllabi. I hate carrying my huge school bag around when I have to stand in a bar but I’d hate not to have an umbrella or other essentials.

6. Old gold leaves headbands. I’ve never been into jewelry, accessories and even less headbands. But then I tried one of those at Claire’s and somehow, it suited me quite well. But the one I tried was plastic and it showed. I feel like such an accessory can totally cute a look up. I don’t like big shiny things and this is definitely simple and discreet. The ideal: it should be old gold and not shiny yellow gold like the one on the picture.

I know it sounds like I break everything I own and that is probably the case. It makes it so that I have to change bags and shoes every once in a while, otherwise I would just stick to the same all the time. And that’s probably because I do that they break so fast. I see you soon for another post x



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    1. Thanks a lot ! I’m going to answer to do the Liebster Award but I really need to take time to visit more young blogs to find 11 people to nominate 🙂


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