REVIEW // Foam foundation, yes or no ?


Foam foundation. Let’s talk about it. I would probably never have bought this product on my own. If I talk about it today, it’s because it landed into my makeup bag when my father still worked for a Belgian woman magazine. I had tried it back then and immediately decided it was unusable. However, I did use it again every once in a while when I found my usual foundation completely empty some mornings as I tried to make up. The one product I’m reviewing here is the Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation.

Why I didn’t love the experience. Applied with a brush or with the fingers, the disadvantage of this product is always its texture: it’s foamy. When pressed, a big amount of product comes out of the product. No problem. But once applied on the skin, the texture changes right away, becomes rigid and almost impossible to blend on the face. In the end, you find yourself with an opaque and matte mask on the skin. Very unpleasant to apply and everything but natural.

Why I changed my mind. This morning, once again, I found my usual foundation, Lumi-Magique by L’Oréal, dies in my hands after it almost spitted on my white blouse. I try to cover my whole face with the remaining with the help of my magic sponge but in vain. I can’t go any further tan my cheeks. Je glance at my box of unused foundations and the foamy one seems to be the only solution. I take it and apply a small amount of product on my Miracle Complexion sponge by Real Techniques, which I tap around my face. Miracle. The texture almost doesn’t change, it blends as it should on my face and gives it an appreciable aspect. It seems as if the sponge was made for the foamy foundation and the foamy foundation for the makeup sponge. However, it takes pretty longer to get fixed in one spot, without moving and I must tap a while to obtain a true uniformity. It also tends to get on the lips or invade my hair. I’ll end this with a positive note by saying that the foamy foundation inlays itself less in the sponge than the liquid one. The sponge gets less dirty and, when I make it swollen under the water to use it the next time, a big amount of product goes out by itself, what the liquid one doesn’t do.

I would not say that this product now enters my list of favorites or that I would buy it again in the future but it did gain my trust back. Now I’m less in a hurry of buying a foundation as soon as possible. In a nutshell, the foamy foundation, yes, but only applied with a sponge.



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