OUTFIT // Heeled ankle boots.




Hi lovely readers ! Last month I shared with you my desire of buying a pair of heeled black ankle boots in the “they caught my eyes” post. This post features the one pair that actually pleased me enough for me to purchase it. And after a while walking in those shoes, I must say they are quite comfortable now that I got used to them. Of course it was hard at the beginning and I did have to go step by step when it came to the amount of time I would walk in them without sitting. I did not go shop a whole afternoon in them before week three. But I will make an article about how to survive in heels very soon, for those who remain skeptical. Now those are part of my every day outfits and this is why I introduce them to you accompanied with my very every day outfit. Here are the details.

TROUSERS // Primark, 8€.
SHOES // bershka, 40€.
JACKET // Zara, 20€.
SCARF // h&m, 20€.
BAG // Zara, 40€.

I hope you love those shoes and this basic outfit as much as I do, do not forget to let me know what you think of it in the comments! Also, I apologize for the dirtiness of the ground and of my shoes. I really have no moment to do a proper photoshoot so I just do it five minutes before leaving the house. I see you soon for another post x



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