Favorite restaurants in Brussels #1.

Hello lovely readers! Being from Brussels, I thought it might be interesting to present to you some of my favorite restaurants in Brussels. Being a student, I haven’t been to much, except with my parents with whom I went to a lot of restaurants. Here is a list of the restaurants I really enjoy in Brussels, my favorite ones for now.

The Makisu. It’s a sushi restaurant, probably the best there ever was. I’ve been there with my boyfriend a lot and we like to order a full table for the two of us. Their makis are original and delicious and well-fournished and cheap. The best one in my opinion is the dragon roll which is just extatic. It contains a fried shrimp. Also try the slammin salmon and astro boy. It’s not exactly a restaurant as you cannot reserve and you have to wait it the line to order and then go to a table to wait for it to arrive. There are two in Brussels : one at Bailli and one more in the center. The price is between 5 and 6€ for a set of 8. We usually order 5 sets for the two of us.
Rue du Bailli 5, 1000 Ixelles // their website.

The Imperial. It’s a Chinese and vietnamese restaurant near where I live. I’ve there a lot ever since I was born. I used to eat sauted noodles (which they make better than anyone) but now I prefer ordering multiple entrées. They’re the only ones I know who make love triangles (chicken triangles in a banana leaf). This restaurant is really amazing and cheap. I once tried eat for 60€ with my boyfriend and we just couldn’t do it. We even ordered wine but we couldn’t go over 45€.
20, Mutsaardplein, 1853 Brussels

The Hemgie’s. It’s a burger restaurant in the center, near les galleries de la reine. Their burgers are just amazing. The price range is between 14€ and 17€ a burger. It is okay since they are wonderful. My personal favorite is the route 66 with bacon, an egg and barbecue sauce. The serve it either with a portions of fries or with a salad (which is the best salad I’ve ever eaten in a restaurant). Yeah I’m enthusiastic. The atmosphere is cosy yet chic. I love the sober grey interior. There are two in Brussels, one at Bailli and one in the center (the one I give you the adress to right here).
Rue des Dominicains 12, Galerie des Princes, 1000 Brussels // their website.

The Skievelat. In the same street as the Imperial, it’s a small dark cosy restaurant. It can get quite noisy at night but I don’t mind it. It’s not very lighten up and there are candles on the tables. The food is great, traditional. I often take their garlic scampies, their chèvre-guacamole-salmon salade but they also make great “plat du jour” as a cod with spinach or vegetables lasagna. It is just all well served and delicious. There are two in Brussels : one near my home and one at Sablon.
Rue de Wand, 49 – 1020 Bruxelles // their website.

The Brasserie du Heysel. It’s an expensive restaurant near the Atomium. I only go there when my grandma invites us. They serve classic french food. I like to take avocado with shrimps and then a sole meunière. The restaurant is huge with a beautiful terrasse. Only go there if you’re rich or celebrating a big occasion.
Romeinsesteenweg 650, 1853 Strombeek-Bever // their website.

This is it, there are only five for now. I’ll present to you another list in the future. I’m apologize for not having a picture in every restaurant but you can easily find some on their website. If you come by Brussels, try and eat in one of those, maybe you’ll meet me in there. See you soon for another post !



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