March favorites.


March favorites come in already late in the month of April, but I did want to share them with you, even though there are only four of them. Four products that have made me really happy last month and that will probably become basics to me. It’s quite sad that I will be using them very little these following two weeks since I’m stuck at home, forced to study. Oh but that does not mean you won’t be getting new post from me. I actually shot a few outfits that will be posted every Saturday until the end of the month if nothing disturbs my program (be prepared). The two lipsticks presented here will be shown in action. Enough teasing, let’s see what we have got here.

The soft mat lipbalm by HEMA, color 08. It only cost 4,50€, I couldn’t let the occasion pass. I have bad history with red lipsticks which do not tend to suit me. I was hoping for something less bright, but this would’ve probably made me look colder. I love how it is not too flashy though. This color is actually the darkest one there is. When it comes to applying, it was very easy the first time but not as easy the second time. I guess that in the shop, I was just very cautious in order to not having to walk around with red lipstick all over the face. Anyway, I have become more talented at applying it since then and it certainly is easier that your usual lipstick.

Extreme Lips Piu Volume by IncaRose. This product is another victim of me rediscovering the products my dad brought home when he worked for a Belgian women’s magazine. This one is rosy, kind of shiny but still discreet and natural. I should know what the white thing in the middle is supposed to do but I can only find explanation in Italian. This lipstick has been part of my daily routine for a few weeks now even though I’m not a lipstick person.


These tweezers from Di. They only cost 2€ and I almost cannot see the difference with their 6€ one that didn’t have drawings on it. For 2€, I’ll deal with the little owls. What can I say, it really is easy to use and very effective.

THOSE ANKLE BOOTS. They’re from Bershka, and they only cost 40€. I think you know it: I wanted them, I got them and I love them. I’ve been wearing them on a daily basis ever since I bought them. It was hard at first, it hurt but the pain disappeared pretty quickly. I could’ve given up but I didn’t because they were just too perfect. I had seen them, but they were not available in my size. But I came back and there they were. I bought them five minutes after trying them, for real. It would’ve been stupid not too since they had been on my mind for so long. And after all, they’re a basic.

This is it, I hope this post gives you ideas and inspire you. If you decide to go for one of these, I hope it makes you as happy as I am. Don’t forget to comment, you know I love to have your opinion! See you soon for another post x



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