OUTFIT // The small blue bag.

small blue bag 3

I hope your week-end is going well ♥ As you can see it, YES, I have cut my hair a good twenty centimeters which is not part of my habits since I’m basically a change phobic. But I couldn’t be more happy with this decision. You haven’t been able to notice it from the pictures on the blog (often taken right after the shower) but my hair had a bad tendency to become scraggly less than an hour after leaving home, to look messy and ugly. Now, they still look quite good even on the third day after shampoo.

But enough talking about my haircut. I want to introduce you to this lovely small bag from Veritas. Some of you may know that I was looking for one that would please me. Well, I completely fell in love with this one. I love the color (blue is probably my favorite real color), I love the texture (you can feel the leather touch), I love the format and I love how it can contain an umbrella, a hairbrush, my makeup essentials, my keys and some money. Okay I must admit, it looks kind of roundy when filled up this much but I can’t resist. This bag cost my loving boyfriend 30€ which is pretty cheap for a leather bag. It comes in so many colors that you can buy one for every one of your outfits (which I will not do), see for yourself here. For those who read my march favorites post and were interested in the HEMA lipbalm, I was wearing it for those pictures so you can see how it looks.

JACKET // Zara, 20€.
TROUSERS // Primark, 8€.
SHOES // H&M, 10€.
BAG // Veritas, 30€.

This outfit is perfect for a walk in the neighborhood at the end of the afternoon. When it’s not cold yet but not hot anymore in early spring. You know, when the weather is so that you do not know how you should dress anymore (ballerinas are perfect for a 7pm drink but when you plan on coming home at 3am, you could freeze out). We’re getting a lot of that in Belgium.

I hope you love this outfit. Do not forget to comment it whether you like it or not, I love having your opinion! I see you soon for another post, people x






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