OUTFIT // Head-to-toe black.


Hi people! I can’t believe that you still haven’t seen any head-to-toe black outfits from me when you know that it is my go-to outfit. The weather has been so nice lately in Brussels that such a severe outfit is hard to pull out. However, you still get the chance to see one today. This is a very basic one since I decided to only show you trousers, a jacket and shoes. I’m sorry you don’t get to see what I’m wearing under my jacket. Let’s call it a winter outfit then.

I’m wearing my favorite jacket which is from last Winter Zara. I love how straight it is even though it makes me look extremely flat (I usually have a butt, promise). The trousers are from Primark, as usual. You must be thinking “hew, it must stink”. Well, my secret is that I’ve got two of them. I love them too much. My shoes, well, you’ve seen them in one outfit already and I love them so much that they were in my march favorites post. Enough talking, here are the details of what I wore.

Trousers // Primark, 8€.
Jacket // Zara, 129€ (not sold anymore).
Shoes // Bershka, 40€.
Lips // HEMA matte lipbalm, color 08, 4,50€.





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