OUTFIT // The duster cardigan.


These past weeks, Brussels has been vivified by a springy atmosphere that we can all appreciate. Sunglasses are popping out as well as flowers. We even got a few very warm days that allowed me to wear this outfit. You should know that I’ve been waiting since September to be able to perform it, ever since I came back from Munich where this duster cardigan is from. Wearing a jacket over a duster cardigan seems silly and not wearing a jacket in Belgium is basically unachievable.

This duster cardigan, which sits on my top three favorite clothes list, has been waiting this long to be dusted. And when I could finally take it out of my wardrobe for another use than as a pajama, I knew exactly how to style it. With simplicity as always. It’s actually a piece that suffices itself. It does not need much styling as it brings the thunder with its originality. You should see it float behind me (I’m going to shoot that next time), light and bright. I just feel elegant (so when is it exactly that we can all wear long Harry Potter capes, because I’m waiting).

I chose to wear it with the neutrals black and beige and a touch of blue brought by my small Veritas bag. This outfit, without the accessories, costs less than 40€. The bag is actually the most expensive item here.

Duster cardigan // forever 21, 11€.
Trousers // primark, 8€.
Top // pimkie, 5€.
Ballerinas // h&m, 10€.
Bag // veritas, 30€.

I’m sorry if I never give you links to the item, most of my clothes are not new collection and it can be quite difficult to find them online. I hope you love this outfit, don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments (I always answer).

I’d also like to let you know that I opened an Instagram account dedicated to the blog where I will announce new posts and share outfits that you might not see here (as I cannot always shoot them). Here is the link.

See you soon for another post x





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