They caught my eye in april.


This month hasn’t really been a buying month for me, but I did go window shopping a few times. I could not really buy anything but the list of things I wanted kept growing longer. I was mostly looking (and saving) for a bag, as my school bag had broken up for the second time and the old one that was replacing it with was showing weaknesses too. I needed a big bag that could support my 13″ computer. Number one and five are the results of my research. The other items, we’ll, they’re just for pleasure. Anyway, I wanted to share the love.

1. The City Office bag from Zara, 59,95€.
This bag, in pale pink, is so fresh and cute. Exactly what one would need for spring and summer. But what attracted me the most, what the fact that it has a computer compartment that can easily hold a 13″ machine. The other compartment is large enough to carry what I usually bring with me: umbrella, wallet, bottle of water, etc. Plus, it is not too rigid, just as I like.

2. This metal leaves waisbelt for Yoins, 8,27€. Watching Revenge has made me gone crazy over waistbelts but Zuhair Murad’s catwalks have me craving for these rigid metal ones with leaves at the extremities. I’ve been looking more into waistbelts this month and I found this cheap beauty that could totally dress up any plain black dress.

3. This Lilac Twine flower crown from Nastygal, 16,07€. After all this time, I’m still looking for the perfect flower crown. And I think I found it. It’s made of small dark purple lilac, which might not sound summer-like but would match brown hair perfectly, and it goes all around the head. I find It better when flower crown do not hold to the head with an elastic band but are rather rigid. The is litteraly a crown.

4. This week-end bag from H&M, 79,99€. This bag is not for school. It’s for a day at the beach and the reason it is on this list, is because I’ve talked with my boyfriend about buying a unisex beach bag in anticipation of going to the coast together. I love this big white bag with leather details, perfect to carry two towels, a change of clothes and some food.

5. This large leather bag from Burkely, 99,95€. In my quest for a bag, I came across the Burkely brand in a bag shop on the New Street in Brussels. Yes, it’s a men’s bag (I think) and a travel bag. But it is what I need to carry all my things. This one, just like the Zara one, has a special compartment for a computer and a lot of pockets. It’s made of mat leather and comes in a variety of colors from taupe to black. What could go wrong with such a basic bag?

You should know that if everything I saw in the shops was online, this list would be much longer including another bag from Zara (A4 brown satchel) , a printed pencil skirt from there too that only costs 15€ and a kaki kimono blazer from H&M. However, I leave you here with a link to the Facebook page I recently opened for the blog. If it is easier for you to follow me on there, do not hesitate to like the page! (you can also like from the sidebar) I see you soon with another post x



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