OUTFIT // the pink a-line.


I do not think I ever bought a piece of clothing as fast as I bought this pink a-line top. I was in Munich and I wanted to buy, which I did a lot. The duster cardigan was the first victim but this, I bought on my last shopping day. I’m usually not a compulsive buyer but when on holidays, I can’t control myself. I want to bring back the most I can from these stores that we do not have in our small Belgium.

I entered an ONLY shop and saw this simple, a-line (which is my favorite neck-cut), fluid, pink top. And it only cost 10€. I tried it and I couldn’t deny its beauty and the instant dose of color it brought. There are only a few colors I wear and we can all say that kaki and blue are flat colors, whereas pink is such a vibrant color, the only one of the kind I wear. I love Candy pink, fuchsia and pale pink (like the blazer in this outfit). I never realized it until one day, I was describing the dress I had just bought for a ball to a friend, I said “it’s pink” and she just answered “of course it is, you love pink”. What an observer. I love people who simply pay attention to other people’s perks and habits.

Anyway, I’m getting lost here. I hope you love this outfit which is pretty simple, I admit (it carries my signature). I particularly enjoyed shooting the pictures in the fields next to my house. The weather was hot yet fresh at the end of the afternoon. We did some funny pictures and we even used up to 5 minutes taking pictures of ladybugs having intercourse, you can see the pictures here.

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