OUTFIT // Shades of grey.


Here we meet again for the usual Saturday outfit. I’m happy to have been able to keep such a consistency. But I do want to post about other things too. I actually intended to post about making makis on Wednesday but the timing was quite bad. And I did forget to take crucial pictures (silly me). But you’ll get it soon enough as I don’t think posting outfits is going to be possible during the blocus, unless you want to see pajamas.

For this outfit, I wore my duster cardigan again but with only grey and black items, my big infinity scarf since it was not warm enough these last days and my very new huge bag. It’s a Burkely and I got it at the shop “Champs Elysées” on the Rue Neuve in Brussels. This shop is entirely dedicated to bags and luggage. Their products are usually expensive but you sometimes happen to find quality leather bags as this one for less than a hundred euros. A treasure. I bought it because I needed a bag that could carry all the things that I need for school such as my computer, food, books and everything. Oh, yes, you did see it in this post. It’s much wider than my previous one, which you saw in this post. I’m astonished by the amount of space there is in this beauty.

I hope you love this outfit, which contains more black than grey but hey, isn’t black a shade of grey? I’m sorry about the crappy shoes, I don’t know why but they do not usually look as cheap. Do not hesitate to share your opinion with me in the comments, I always care! May we meet again for another post x








7 thoughts on “OUTFIT // Shades of grey.

  1. Hello! Your blog is SO lovely and I LOVE this look…so chic! I look forward to reading more from you 🙂 I just started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and would love if you would check it out! Kyra xx


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