they caught my eye in may.

may wishlisy

Hi people! I’m very busy (or more like trying to be) studying for finals. However, I still want to honor my weekly posting. This Wednesday, you get to see products and clothes that caught my eye since the last “they caught my eye” post. At least those of you who can go shopping can be inspired. This edition feels like summer. I had other less summery ideas in mind but as always, not everything you see in the stores is findable online. Maybe next month though. Here is the list and some explanations.

1. Those bikinis from H&M, 10€. You may have seen it on the blog’s Instagram, I have bought this bikini in white for only 10€ and I’m loving it. It’s simple yet classy. It’s such a good deal that I really want to buy it in black which is my go-to color and even this python-like version is tempting me.

2. This bag from Bershka, 29,99€. In my last “they caught my eye” post, I introduced you to the week-end bag by H&M. That one was quite expensive. But with summer and holidays approaching, I feel like buying a beach bag to carry my towel, creams, water, books and magazine. I currently have no cotton bag. And that is a shame. I came across this simple and cute bag, very practical with the lash and the two handles, that also comes in marine colors.

3. Those colorful tattoos from ASOS, 13,70€. It’s been months and months since I started looking for temporary tattoos that I would like to wear on my body. All I can find is the metallic ones and I absolutely do not like them. I wanted to find all black ones. Well, I’m quite difficult, I know. Then I came across this colorful product. They look so poetic and seem to totally embrace the skin. I just want them to come to the beach with me.

4. The concealer wheel by Lise Watier, 32$. I want a concealer palette so much, one with different colors to counter the redness and dark circles. I haven’t been able to find one that made me want to buy it, here in Belgium, though. I came across this one online and the reviews just make me want to buy it.

5. Not your mother’s beach babe texturizing sea salt spray, 8$. I went shopping for some gifts at Urban Outfitters in Brussels, a shop I never go to and I saw this product. I googled it when I came back home and watched several reviews on youtube. Now I just want to try it. I have had flat hair for so long and all I want is some volume. I know one thing: my hair is never as perfect as when I go into the sea. No hair can compete with such natural beauty. It just suits everyone. With summer coming, I want to try it out and make my hair look summer-ish. Normal, right?

This is all. I will now go back to celebrating my boyfriend’s birthday by watching GOT’s last episode with popcorn and some delicious cake. I hope you all have a nice evening and week and study well if this is also finals time for you. Oh and I almost forgot. Thank you thank you thank you for reading the blog. May we meet again for another post x



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