OUTFIT // La marnière


Hello people! I hope you’re having a nice week or a nice holiday start. I definitely am. My life is a whole lot of staying home watching series (OITNB & House of Cards ♡), doing nothing, shopping for me and for friends, but also shooting outfits. I can’t wait to do it again to feature all the outfits I have in mind. I know my outfits mostly consist of basics but still, I love them. Today, I’m showing you another end of spring outfit for 16 degrees and plus temperatures.

The weather really hasn’t been that nice. There has been absolutely no sun in Brussels for a few days. Fortunately, it’s not cold which means I can go out with just a blazer as a jacket which is somewhat great.

This outfit features a classic, the “marinière” tee. This is an old one from H&M. They still make very similar ones though. I love the fact that it has red and not blue stripes. Another thing I love about marinières, except from the fact that they’re usually pretty basic, is that they generally come with a bateau neckline which I find very flattering and classy. This one model is very stretchy.

I wore it with what has been my favorite pair of pants lately. I bought them at Zara a while ago. I love the dark blue color and the fact that it stops before the ankle which I find great in summer when you want to wear trousers with flats. I accessorized the outfit with my small bag from Veritas and my all-time favorite OOZOO watch.

Tell me what you think about the outfit, I’m always pleased to see you care. May we meet again for another post. ■


t-ishirt marin col bateau

DETAILS » Marinière, H&M. Trousers, Zara. Flats, H&M (10€). Watch, OOZOO (40€). Bag, Veritas (30€).

t-ishirt marin col bateau 7

t-ishirt marin col bateau 3

t-ishirt marin col bateau 8

Veritas bag + oozoo 2

Veritas bag + oozoo


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