They caught my eye in june, birthday edition.

Just because it was blocus time doesn’t mean that I didn’t look for good things online. In fact, at the end I had a whole week before my last exam and I mostly spent it watching Youtube makeup reviews and tutorials. I fell in love with a certain amount of products, some that I bought as soon as I was done with finals and some that are on this list. This list is a special birthday edition and thus, it will feature some items that I’ve already talked about in precedent editions of this serie. There are some things that I still crave, even after months.

they caught my eye in june makeup

What I bought.

Let me first tell you about the makeup products I already bought. After watching oh so many videos, I decided to purchase the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for 15€ at Di. It has been working very lovely and very differently than the Miracle Complexion sponge. I also acquired Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara which has proved to be the best drugstore mascara out there and is probably the best mascara I’ve ever tried. I also bought the Bourjois Rouge édition Velvet in color 10, Don’t pink it of. I came across a girl showing it off on Instagram, went to the store, tried it, loved it and bought it. I just love the smooth texture and the natural finish. A friend of mine bought in color 7 which is absolutely gorgeous too! As we’re talking about lipsticks, I also bought the rose universel lipstick from L’Oréal which adapts to the color of your lips and give them a natural rosy look. I also bought L’Oréal’s Infaillible 24h matte foundation and Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer. Those are great but I need to wear them for a longer time before I can give make a true review. Last but not least, I added a nailpolish to my small collection of nailpolishes. It’s an O.P.I in color Bubble Bath. I discovered that shade last summer on Pinterest but still had two bottles of nudes and therefore waited for them to be empty to make to purchase. The color is amazingly perfect but I do think that O.P.I nailpolishes are too thick and take too much time to dry. Let’s see now the things that I do NOT have but that I would very much like to possess.

they caught my eye in june

What I’m craving.

The makeup.

1. Sigma’s F80 flat kabuki foundation brush, $24. This is a best seller. I discovered it while watching Youtube makeup tutorials about foundation and other stuff. It simply seems to be the best at its job. It happens to be quite expensive, and I’m not even talking about bringing it to Belgium. However, it is a price you have to pays for quality. Maybe one day.

2. 201 pointed crease brush by Real Techniques, $16. We’re lucky Real Techniques products are sold in Belgium, at Di stores but we’re unlucky that the bold metal collection is not sold here. I came across this brush while looking for something else on Real Techniques’ website and it just sounds interesting. I’ve been looking for a crease brush for a while and that’s quite a difficult thing to do. Here is probably my answer.

The clothes.

1. Triangl’s Idiana Ice Milly bikini, 89€. This was already featured in one of my first wishlists and I still haven’t got my mind off it. I was ready to order a few nights ago until a friend told me it would cost me almost a hundred euros in taxes. I just couldn’t take the risk to pay such a big amount of money. Anyway, I’m still looking for a bra-like bikini that fits small breast.

2. This feutre capeline from Urban Outfitters, 40€. I simply fell in love with it when I tried it in the store. I find it very well-cut and very classy looking. Of course, it is not really a summer accessory but it definitely great for the rest of the year. I already imagine myself wearing it in winter instead of a beanie.

3. Hunter wellingtons, 120€. Those have also been featured already. I really fell in love with those as I started to look for fashionable rainboots. They are evidence. However, they do cost quite a lot and therefore remain a dream for now.

4. A t-shirt or a pull-over from the Belgian brand mais qui es-tu, from 40 to 80€. It’s probably the first time I’ve talked about a Belgian brand on here. I was walking through Ixelles when I entered a boutique that sold some of this brand’s products and fell in love with them. I especially loved the “chou de bruxelles” pull-over in blue, which I found very cute. Those t-shirt are handmade which means you can order any size in any color and with any message on it. The seller even told me you can write your own message. I’m seriously considering ordering one saying “basic-ish by Natacha”. How cool would that be? I’m almost done but I need to tell you first that the cut is very beautiful. The neck is not too high, it is spaced enough which is great since I tend to feel oppressed in too high necks. The cut is pretty fit, the sleeves are just fit enough. I can’t wait for all of these to be on sale!

5. This bikini from Asos, 40€. Extrapetite’s blog gave me the idea. She wrote a post about this bikini, saying it could be a great alternative for people who find ordering Triangl’s bikinis too difficult and costful. She herself has a small breast and the bikini looks amazing on her. I find the pattern really pretty and fresh. In comparison to Triangl’s, the price is such a great offer. Unfortunately, I just discovered that it is now out of stock which makes me sad.



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