OUTFIT // Summer casual.

Hi people! You must’ve realized by now that I’m not especially good with titles. I usually go with naming one of the items that I’m wearing and that I want to enhance or I just describe the outfit if for example it’s a head-to-toe. But this outfit, I thought, is a whole. And therefore, after “summer chic”, I decided to title this post “summer casual”.

I do want you to have a special look at this very classy watch by Komono that my godmother offered me for my birthday though. It was definitely my favorite in the store. I’m in love with quite large faces when it comes to watches. This is such a perfect classier alternative to my huge OOZOO. The colors are pretty sophisticated, yet the red pops compared to some other monotonous bands. In Brussels, you can buy those at Hopono shops. One is located on rue des Chartreux and the other one on rue du Bailli. Komono is a Belgian brand.

About the rest of the outfit, I know a jean jacket may not feel like summer to some of you (I obviously did not need it in Mallorca) but here in Brussels, you always want to take a light jacket, even during the summer, especially if you plan to stay out late. Such a pretty jean jacket definitely tells summer to me. I’m always happy to take it out of the closet. I bought this one at Zara a few years ago and I have been looking for a new one that would be as perfectly cut, now that this one is kind of used up. I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, unfortunately.

The dress, let’s talk about the dress (too much talk you say?). I bought it in Mallorca for less than ten euros at Cala Ratjada. I truly needed such a dress to wear around all day with my bikini underneath. Something simple. I never hoped I would be able to wear it in Brussels but it’s that basic that it’s quite easy to dress it up. Dresses with this length aren’t usually my thing but I just love how this one splits, revealing yet making you look covered enough. I don’t think a reasonable person could call this vulgar. The dress is pretty straight, it doesn’t show all curves, it feels pretty airy which is great.

Apart from the Komono watch, I accessorized the outfit with my small blue bag from Veritas that fitted right with the colors. I wore my leather flip flops by Les petites bombes. I just love to let my feet breath in the summer and leather flip flops are just perfect to be casual yet correctly dressed. You should totally try those.

I hope you love this outfit. I especially loved shooting it with my bestfriend, Joséphine. It’s been very different from usual (my boyfriend usually shoots me) but I absolutely love the result. The shooting place looks so beautiful and the pictures look so romantic to me! I hope you feel the same. I’ll leave you saying this : the next post will be posted on basic-ish.com


outfit summer casual 15

outfit summer casual 2

outfit summer casual 3

outfit summer casual 6

outfit summer casual komono 2

outfit summer casual 4

outfit summer casual komono

outfit summer casual 5

outfit summer casual 7

outfit summer casual 8

outfit summer casual 9

outfit summer casual 12

outfit summer casual 10

outfit summer casual 13

outfit summer casual 14


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