ANNOUNCEMENT // the blog is moving to ♡

Hello people! I’ve been blogging for about nine months now and as you can see, I haven’t yet given up. In fact, the more I blog, the more I want to blog. Basic-ish did not only the allow me to share a bit of my style and my universe with you, it also made me gain confidence, helped me develop this personal style. Anything that I purchase, is something that I want to show you, to share with you. Since blogging in taking so much space into my daily life, I couldn’t help but think about getting a domain name. Therefore, as from today, basic-ish is moving from to

I don’t think I could be happier. All of this has been possible thanks to you, my readers, thanks to my boyfriend who patiently took most of the outfit pictures, my best friend who is also willing to take pictures with me and to a guy I met in Mallorca and happened to be a developper (you can find him on this website). He actually took the time to create me a domain name and to code me a theme that would reflect basic-ish better than any other else. The one you’re seeing here is almost the end version. Having a domain name allows me to host both languages on one url only. In the sidebar, you can see two flags, the french one and the american one. Whatever post you’re reading, you can click on the flag of your choice and have it displayed in that language right away.

This is a big new start for me because many of my readers were users who decided to click on the follow button these last nine months. Now, most of my readers will come from social media, platforms like bloglovin or from search engines. Those who come from and kept sending me love by liking and commenting my posts these last months, you should know that you can still get to see my posts in your wordpress feed. In order to do so, you need to click on the setting icon next to “Following” in the sidebar of your wordpress feed, and then manually add You can also go follow this feed (to get posts in English) or this feed (to get them in french). Know, that I will keep coming on wordpress to read you and comment you, and that I will try to follow your blog on social media’s for those who use them.

I have so many ideas of outfits, beauty posts (you haven’t seen those in a while) and even a new category and other surprises. Once the theme is on point, I will get at work and give you all of these, finish the summer with a nice three posts a week schedule. I hope that you will like it and that my posts can truly inspire you.

This was the last post ever posted to and the “first” one of a lot of others to come on (even though you can find the old ones there too). You’ll join me, I hope, this is not a goodbye, it’s a hello again. On this note, I leave you to enjoy this week-end and we’ll probably meet again on Tuesday!



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