Behind basic-ish

Behind basic-ish lies a 19-year-old girl called Natacha Weil. Across the social media, I usually use the pseudo natachahelena(a), Helena being my second name. I’ve always lived in Brussels and I’m currently studying information and communication at the ULB in second year. I’m an aspiring PR worker. But enough about my education.

This blog was born from my love for basics, simple and well-cut clothes, for the colors nude, black, blue marine and white, for unexpensive shopping but also for make up. It’s called basic-ish because basics only do their job properly if you pair them with some not so basic accessories and beauty products. I’m personnally a fan of skinny jeans, blazers, white shirts (and blacks), black ballerinas and black shoes overall. As for my make up, I’m always going for black, nude and taupy colors.

Outside of style and beauty, I also take interest in food and travels. I’m very proud of my makis, my pancakes and other healthier meals. I’ve traveled quite a few countries : Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Egypt, Marocco, China, USA and Croatia. I love learning languages such as English (I’m pretty accomplished) and German. I aspire to become a polyglotte. Series and films have helped me a lot in my process (I’m a bit of a geek). My favorite series are The Office, Grey’s Anatomy, The 100, How to get away with murder, Game of Thrones, Orange is the new black, Teen Wolf, How I Met Your Mother, Gossip Girl and more. When it comes to films, I’m all about tears, laugh or thrillers that truly surprise you.

Living in Brussels, I really want to express in this blog what amazing places you can find there when it comes to beauty, shopping or just eating. But if you asked me what my ideal city is, the answer would be either Chicago or Munich. Who knows, maybe this blog will migrate !

Hope you loved learning a little more about me and I hope you’ll stick with me,
Natacha Helena Weil


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