#powerofmakeup, my story with makeup and how I feel about makeup shaming.

I started wearing makeup when I was around thirteen. I simply went with mascara and bronzer. At that time, it certainly was a way of feeling more secure. I was pretty negligent towards my appearance then, even though I always considered myself beautiful. I used to kind of shame girls wearing too much makeup, foundation and everything. I admit it, I tried to discredit their beauty by saying that they were all foundation anyway. That was until I met a girl who actually showed me how beautiful I could be with makeup and made it magic to me.

Ever since that day, I started wearing makeup, for real. I was sixteen. A guy at school actually asked why I started doing that, all of a sudden and said that I should not do this, that I was not that kind of girl (I was also the type of girl he would never date and would abusively touch in school corridors by the way). I was always fond about him in an in sane way but I couldn’t care less about his opinion in that moment.

He was not the only one who tried to stop me from making up. Pretty much everyone did. My uncle, who’s very into everything natural and yet is a geek, told me that I did not need foundation when he first saw me with it. And he kept making remarks every time I saw him for a few months on, always saying things such as “you’re really not going to stop, right ?” I get the good intention, he was probably worried that I was insecure, he was trying to tell me how beautiful I am without it. Friends told me the same things. Friends told me that I really didn’t need all of this to be pretty (until they eventually asked if I was sick or something when I went makeupless).

What they didn’t get was that, I did not feel like I needed this to be pretty. I thought I was pretty even when I was all teenage oily skin and unwashed hair. I did this because I loved it, because making up made me happy, it brought me joy, it was a way to express myself and to try and show who I was, who I wanted to be. I guess I was very clumsy and my makeup was probably not always perfect at that time, but still. It has been a journey for me throughout those three years. It has been a joy to experiment, to discover new products that would suit me better, that would look more natural, products that would fit my style. It has been a journey to learn all those skills that I have now and it will be a journey to learn all those skills that I do not have yet.

Makeup is not always excessive though. I tend to go for nude, rosy, simple and classy looks. Because it is who I am and you probably guessed it from reading my blog and even from my blog name. But I do not condemn people who are excessive through makeup. People have the right to do whatever they want with their face. And they probably know that you find their contoured lipstick too much or their eyebrows too sharp. But they do not do that to please you, they do that for themselves, mostly. My mom has often told me that I looked like a paint pot, even when I didn’t that much. She criticized me when I started touching up my eyebrows and they were always a bit too dark and too obviously drawned (even though she was always the one to tell me to never try and minimize them because they made me beautiful and that’s why I felt they were important). It’s kind of hurtful to get those remarks sometimes. She still asks me sometimes if I really needed to put so much foundation on my face when really I’m trying to go light. I just answer “yes” because I do not want to explain to her.

I do not want to explain to her that NO I do not NEED to put foundation on my face, but I do because I love it. Sometimes, I decide to wear less makeup when I go to the grocery store. Sometimes, I decide not to wear makeup at all to go and buy jam on a Sunday morning. I love days when I stay at home and I don’t have to makeup. And I find myself beautiful on those days. Natural, myself. But I love those days as much as the days when I do have somewhere to go and I get to makeup which is such a joy to me. On those days, I find myself beautiful too and, most importantly, I feel as much myself as the days where I don’t makeup.

This is why, today, I chose to take part in the #powerofmakeup hashtag, because its object is something that has been on my heart for years. Today, I chose to share with you a picture of myself with a side of my face made up, and the other side makeupless. This picture shows you my two faces. Both are my TRUE face. Both are me. I want people to understand that. Makeup is for me a way of expression and a way to feel happy, just by doing it. Also, my love for makeup has been one of the factors that decided me to start this blog and communicate this energy and mean of expression in my own way. This project has since then made me even happier and made it all feel even more relevant. It may sound silly to some, but it has given me a purpose at some point. All of this, this is what the power of makeup is to me.





MAKEUP // A fresh and bright everyday look.



Hello lovely readers! A week ago, I was taking pictures of outfits for the blog when I decided that my makeup should be honored too. I’m not one to have a whole lot of makeup looks and that is why I almost never post about any. I usually go with the same makeup look for a month or two without changing anything. This can seem quite boring but I’d rather be boring and radiant than try new things every day and fail to feel confident. However, I do allow myself to add new elements to my usual look that might bring it a nice twist. That’s what I do when I randomly decide to wear my HEMA red lipbalm before leaving the house, as you have seen it in my last outfit post.

For this look, I preferred this rosy lipstick by IncaRose that you discovered in my March Favorites post to the HEMA lip balm. It looks way nicer, calmer. Away the pop and seductive look, welcome the fresh and bright one. Of course, for this to perfect, the skin has to look flawless. My L’Oréal foundation and Maybelline concealer are my best allies to achieve this goal.

Whe it comes to my eyes, I go for nude and a pinch of shimmery white in the inner corner. It brightens the eye while being discreet. THIS is literally my everyday look. I hope you love it, let me know what you think about it. Here are the details of everything that I put on my face for this look.

Foundation // L’Oréal Lumi Magique liquid foundation R/C/K2 rose porcelaine.
Concealer // Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer, light.
Eyeshadow // Sisley Phyto-Ombres Eclat, vanilla
Inner corner // Venus from Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay.
Mascara // Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks.
Blush // Lancaster Infinite Bronze Blush Variations 001.
Lips // Extreme Lips Piu Volume by IncaRose.


March favorites.


March favorites come in already late in the month of April, but I did want to share them with you, even though there are only four of them. Four products that have made me really happy last month and that will probably become basics to me. It’s quite sad that I will be using them very little these following two weeks since I’m stuck at home, forced to study. Oh but that does not mean you won’t be getting new post from me. I actually shot a few outfits that will be posted every Saturday until the end of the month if nothing disturbs my program (be prepared). The two lipsticks presented here will be shown in action. Enough teasing, let’s see what we have got here.

The soft mat lipbalm by HEMA, color 08. It only cost 4,50€, I couldn’t let the occasion pass. I have bad history with red lipsticks which do not tend to suit me. I was hoping for something less bright, but this would’ve probably made me look colder. I love how it is not too flashy though. This color is actually the darkest one there is. When it comes to applying, it was very easy the first time but not as easy the second time. I guess that in the shop, I was just very cautious in order to not having to walk around with red lipstick all over the face. Anyway, I have become more talented at applying it since then and it certainly is easier that your usual lipstick.

Extreme Lips Piu Volume by IncaRose. This product is another victim of me rediscovering the products my dad brought home when he worked for a Belgian women’s magazine. This one is rosy, kind of shiny but still discreet and natural. I should know what the white thing in the middle is supposed to do but I can only find explanation in Italian. This lipstick has been part of my daily routine for a few weeks now even though I’m not a lipstick person.


These tweezers from Di. They only cost 2€ and I almost cannot see the difference with their 6€ one that didn’t have drawings on it. For 2€, I’ll deal with the little owls. What can I say, it really is easy to use and very effective.

THOSE ANKLE BOOTS. They’re from Bershka, and they only cost 40€. I think you know it: I wanted them, I got them and I love them. I’ve been wearing them on a daily basis ever since I bought them. It was hard at first, it hurt but the pain disappeared pretty quickly. I could’ve given up but I didn’t because they were just too perfect. I had seen them, but they were not available in my size. But I came back and there they were. I bought them five minutes after trying them, for real. It would’ve been stupid not too since they had been on my mind for so long. And after all, they’re a basic.

This is it, I hope this post gives you ideas and inspire you. If you decide to go for one of these, I hope it makes you as happy as I am. Don’t forget to comment, you know I love to have your opinion! See you soon for another post x


REVIEW // make a bun in no time with the Hairagami.


Haven’t we all wanted to accomplish THE bun? Yes we have. And most of us found satisfaction in those big donuts you wrap your hair around. I haven’t. See, I’m not the best with my hands and I don’t like to spend more than two minutes on an hairstyle. Now I’ve always wondered: when you have long hair and wrap it up around this donut, where do the lengths go ? My friends usually have to wrap the last bit in a small tail around the base of the bun. That’s inconvenient. I found the Hairagami a few years ago and it made my life.

What is the Hairagami ? It’s a bun maker. How does it work ? Basically, like a hotbun. It’s straight at beginning. You wrap your hair around it from bottom up and then close the thing to make it round. More precisely, the Hairagami is composed of two straight bars, held in a black velvety fabric that holds them together. You have to put your hair in a ponytail. Then, grab the base of your ponytail in between the two bars and slide them to the bottom of your ponytail. Now roll the thing up, rolling your hair around it. Once you’re at the base, just make a move to fold it and the bars will crack, adopting an instant round shape. And now, your hair is forming a bun. No hair lost around. You might have to be careful during the process that hair doesn’t stick out of the mass but it does not require much effort. A few bobby pins are also needed because there will probably be a hairless area at the back of your bun that lets the Hairagami show.


This accessory is here to simplify your life. I transport it everywhere, it doesn’t take much space and whenever my hair is tired or flat at the end of the day, I wrap it up in a bun in no time. The only inconvenient is the fact that, when released, the hair tends to have a squary aspect. A hotbun, being fluffy and round, would be less harmful. But I do with what I’ve got. However, maybe the picture I let you here will be better understood than my words. As for the price, it is of 12€ at Claire’s in Europe which I think is an okay price for what it is even though I was extremely happy to get it for 5€ only.

I always hope my posts help you, I hope this one did for all of you who are looking for an easier way to do it. See you soon for another post x


REVIEW // Foam foundation, yes or no ?


Foam foundation. Let’s talk about it. I would probably never have bought this product on my own. If I talk about it today, it’s because it landed into my makeup bag when my father still worked for a Belgian woman magazine. I had tried it back then and immediately decided it was unusable. However, I did use it again every once in a while when I found my usual foundation completely empty some mornings as I tried to make up. The one product I’m reviewing here is the Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation.

Why I didn’t love the experience. Applied with a brush or with the fingers, the disadvantage of this product is always its texture: it’s foamy. When pressed, a big amount of product comes out of the product. No problem. But once applied on the skin, the texture changes right away, becomes rigid and almost impossible to blend on the face. In the end, you find yourself with an opaque and matte mask on the skin. Very unpleasant to apply and everything but natural.

Why I changed my mind. This morning, once again, I found my usual foundation, Lumi-Magique by L’Oréal, dies in my hands after it almost spitted on my white blouse. I try to cover my whole face with the remaining with the help of my magic sponge but in vain. I can’t go any further tan my cheeks. Je glance at my box of unused foundations and the foamy one seems to be the only solution. I take it and apply a small amount of product on my Miracle Complexion sponge by Real Techniques, which I tap around my face. Miracle. The texture almost doesn’t change, it blends as it should on my face and gives it an appreciable aspect. It seems as if the sponge was made for the foamy foundation and the foamy foundation for the makeup sponge. However, it takes pretty longer to get fixed in one spot, without moving and I must tap a while to obtain a true uniformity. It also tends to get on the lips or invade my hair. I’ll end this with a positive note by saying that the foamy foundation inlays itself less in the sponge than the liquid one. The sponge gets less dirty and, when I make it swollen under the water to use it the next time, a big amount of product goes out by itself, what the liquid one doesn’t do.

I would not say that this product now enters my list of favorites or that I would buy it again in the future but it did gain my trust back. Now I’m less in a hurry of buying a foundation as soon as possible. In a nutshell, the foamy foundation, yes, but only applied with a sponge.


Take away makeup.

Makeup doesn’t last all day and we all know it. It may last for long but it sometimes calls for some touch up, especially when you want to look your best at an event or a party. But what products do you take with you? Transporting your whole makeup bag is not an option. I advise you to take your favorite products with you, the ones you trust. I personally don’t by them double. I simply keep them in a little pocket I got with the Glamour that I zip up and throw in my bag when I’m done with my makeup and leaving.

Most important item to take with you is concealer. I take my Maybelline Eraser Eye everywhere. The applicator makes it easy to apply and the coverage it offers is amazing. It also works great as lightener. It’s perfect for touch up and making sure your skin stays even. Even better could be having a small concealer palette that has a green, a red and a beige concealer in case of redness or dark rings.

A product that is always with me in my bag is the Maybelline Fit Me pressed powder 125 nude beige which I only use to mattify my skin while I’m out. It also works great to even out your skin tone when you’re foundation is part gone. I almost never need it. I usually use it the next morning after a sleep over to not look sick. I apply it with a small fluffy brush I bring with me.

You may also want to bring mascara with you as your mascara tends to fall off during the day and you might need to pump your lashes up to continue through the night. I personally bring my L’Oréal Miss Manga Black Angel mascara with me and it’s amazing.

Lastly, you should take your lipstick with you but only if you wear one. I personally take a Moroccan lipstick which creates a natural rosy color when you apply it, depending on the color of your lips. It does not look like you’re wearing lipstick or gloss. Your lips simply change color.

This is pretty much all you should have with you in your bag. This does not take so much space. Any foundation, eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil seems superficial to me but it depends on how perfect you want your makeup to look. You might want to take your blush with you but I don’t consider it that important.

I hope this post helps you know what you should take with you. I personally find concealer and powder the most important as having oily or uneven skin can quickly ruin your look. Comment below and tell me what makeup you take in your bag ! I see you soon for another post x


January (and february) favorites.


My January favorites come a little late, they’ll probably stand for the February ones as well as I calmed down in purchasing beauty products (and I’m satisfied with my new routine). Those are some products that I discovered or have been using this month. Let me introduce you to them.

1. First comes the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge. You may have seen my review about it and read that I was pretty pleased about it. It would be hard not to include it in this favorites post since it completely changes the way one does makeup. It makes it all look natural and plain, I don’t think I’ll ever use my fingers or brush again.

2. Catrice primer and fine. I had been wanting to buy a primer for quite a while but well, it’s very hard to find primers in Belgium. It’s like Belgian people do not need primer which is absurd. It’s simply not a thing so they simply don’t sell it. I bought this one in Geneva (not the best place to buy stuff because everything is expensive) and I did not really try to find the best one, I just took the one that was there. Anyway, I’m happy with it, it’s a hydrant one and I’m amazed by how it works.

3. Then come the lip balms from Lollipops. I was going to buy a stick but the seller ask me if I wanted to buy those two for only 5€. So I took them. I’m not very experienced with lip balms so I don’t know if they work perfectly but they do soften my lips and also taste very good ahah. I personally chose Malicieuse and Delicieuse.

4. The Lancaster Infinite Bronze Blush Variations 001. This is a fun story because I found that in my mom’s products a long time ago (once again) and I always thought those were eyeshadows. Until I found out last month it was actually a blush. And I’ve been using it ever since. I love how all the colors combine. I’ve only been using the light side and it gives such a natural effect. It’s clear yet colored, much more subtle than my Kiko blush. In a word, I love it. It’s old but I haven’t noticed any skin reaction and my mom barely used it which means I’m going to stick to it for a while.

5. The Bourgeois Nailpolish Remover. I’d been wanting to buy one for so long and I finally did. It makes it so easy to remove nailpolish going weird. It says it works it’s magic in 1 second but really, your finger will have to make love to this hole for like two or three minutes before you finishes all of them.

6. Last but not least, the color Venus from Naked Basics palette by Urban Decay. I started using it in the inner corner of my eyes to enlighten them and it has been working very well. I simply love this color that I never used before.

Well this is it. January has been a month of beauty product discoveries. I hope you like the ones presented in this favorites list and that they inspire you. I see you soon for another post!


REVIEW // Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, amazing find.

Remember my January wishlist, the beauty blender was on it. Well I didn’t wait long to buy a makeup sponge. The praises were just too intense for me to resist. I knew Real Techniques sold a sponge at my local Di (a drugstore). I obviously watched review on youtube before buying it and my doubt flew away.

Ever since I started using the Real Techniques orange sponge, my makeup has been amazing. Truly, what can I say more. Foundation has never appeared so natural. Like the beautyblender, you have to wet it and let it swollen before you use it. This takes approximately 10 to 15 seconds. Then you should press it in a towel. If your sponge is full of old foundation because you’re nasty and haven’t cleaned it yet (like me), foundation will end up on your towel which is annoying. But why press it in a towel ? Because taking off all the water off the sponge is simply impossible. It never feels not wet, which is weird. It always feels like there’s more. Also, it gets dirty quite quickly and I still haven’t looked up how to clean it.

Anyway, when it comes to applying, I apply my liquid foundation directly on the flat part of the sponge and tap it around to apply it on my cheeks and then, tap again to blend. I take only little product once at a time for every part of my face. I usually split foundation 7 times. One for each of my cheeks, I small one for my chine and up my mouth, a small one for my nose, one for my forehead, a small one for my eyes, and one for my neck. Overall, it works amazingly. The foundation is blended evenly and the first time I used it, I felt like there was no foundation at all on my face. But I could see my skin getting more beautiful as I progressed. The only minus is that the flat side doesn’t apply foundation very well under the eyes.

I also use the sponge to blend out my Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer (which I finally found in Geneva). To do it, I use the pointy side of the sponge. It’s amazing how fast it blends everything and makes it look so natural without seeming like it absorbs all the product. My face just seems naturally enlightend.

All this text to say that I’m quite pleased. I haven’t noticed using more product than usual and the result is amazing and natural. The price, 9€ at Di in Belgium is pretty appealing compared to the 19$ beautyblender. I even got this one for less thanks to my Di card. The price is fitting the quality. Overall, I’m very satisfied !


REVIEW // Lash Queen Sexy Blacks by Helena Rubinstein, favorite mascara ever.


Mascara is probably the most important beauty product in my opinion, considering that it’s the one I’d wear if I could only use one. Therefore, it has to be perfect. I came across quite a lot of mascaras in my short makeup life. But one of them really got my attention, the Lash Queen Sexy Blacks by Helena Rubinstein. My mom first bought it a few years ago and then bought it for me as I loved it too much. This time, I got it for Christmas and I’m trying to spare it for nights out and occasions. I had already introduced it in my december favorite. Here is my review of it.

This mascara creates full black eyelashes, just like I love them. The amount of product I get to apply on my eyes is amazing. However, it doesn’t make eyelashes as lengthy as L’Oréal Miss Manga which really blew my mind. It separates the lashes very well as I’m always shaking horizontally as I apply my mascara. Sometimes throughout the process, some lashes stick together but a movement with the brush easily makes them right again.


Helena Rubinstein

Its brush has natural hair and a very special shape. On one side it has a wavy shape with long hair on the sides and short in the middle. On the other side, it presents a perfect line of short hair. You’re supposed to use one side for the upper lashes and the other one for the bottom ones so that they don’t get too long, which is not very classy. However, you have to think to use the right side. The one you see is not the one you’re using. I usually don’t pay attention when I don’t have enough time.

Overall, this is my favorite mascara. It performs an extraordinary job. The price however is salty. 29€ a piece. It’s a more of an extra that I allow myself from time to time and it’s probably the only expensive mascara I’ll ever buy unless I become insanely rich. However, if you do want the best, this is the best I’ve ever tested.


MAKEUP // Foggy look with Sisley Phyto-Ombres.

Hi dear readers! I present you today foggy look which I accomplish with two Sisley eyeshdows that I found in my mom’s collection (and that were in my december favorites) They’re not new products but they are still sold and I assume it’s because they’re pretty good. I love them so much I wanted to share this look with you.

I start by applying the quartz shadow on my outer lid with a flat blending brush. I try and leave a lot of pigments on the outer lid and crease and blend a little to the middle lid. I also blend it with my eyes open to apply shadow in the crease and widen my eyes.

Then, also with a blending brush (but you could use any brush), I simply apply the Vanilla in my inner lid and apply and blend it to my inner corner. It’s very simple. This look can be worn at day time and at night time. As it was night and I was going to the restaurant, I completed the look by applying Crave from the Naked Basics palette at the base of the lid with an eyebrow/eyeliner brush. I did the same at the base of the lower lash line, but only to the middle of my eye.




I apologize for my neglected eyebrows, I’m going to reshape them soon enough. Here is a list of the products I used for this look.

Foundation // L’Oréal Lumi Magique liquid foundation R/C/K2 rose porcelaine.
Concealer // Flormar full coverage concealer 01 fair Ivory.
Powder // Maybelline Fit me pressed powder 125 nude beige.
Eyeshadow // Sisley Phyto-Ombres Eclat, quartz & vanilla
Black line // Crave from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics.
Mascara // Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks.
Eyebrows // M.A.C deep dark brunette eyebrow pencil.
Blush // Kiko soft touch blush 108 Orange Coral.
Lips // M.A.C Myth lipstick.

I hope you like this look that has been my basic look for a month now. Tell me if you desire a daytime picture. See you soon for another post!