REVIEW // Lash Queen Sexy Blacks by Helena Rubinstein, favorite mascara ever.


Mascara is probably the most important beauty product in my opinion, considering that it’s the one I’d wear if I could only use one. Therefore, it has to be perfect. I came across quite a lot of mascaras in my short makeup life. But one of them really got my attention, the Lash Queen Sexy Blacks by Helena Rubinstein. My mom first bought it a few years ago and then bought it for me as I loved it too much. This time, I got it for Christmas and I’m trying to spare it for nights out and occasions. I had already introduced it in my december favorite. Here is my review of it.

This mascara creates full black eyelashes, just like I love them. The amount of product I get to apply on my eyes is amazing. However, it doesn’t make eyelashes as lengthy as L’Oréal Miss Manga which really blew my mind. It separates the lashes very well as I’m always shaking horizontally as I apply my mascara. Sometimes throughout the process, some lashes stick together but a movement with the brush easily makes them right again.


Helena Rubinstein

Its brush has natural hair and a very special shape. On one side it has a wavy shape with long hair on the sides and short in the middle. On the other side, it presents a perfect line of short hair. You’re supposed to use one side for the upper lashes and the other one for the bottom ones so that they don’t get too long, which is not very classy. However, you have to think to use the right side. The one you see is not the one you’re using. I usually don’t pay attention when I don’t have enough time.

Overall, this is my favorite mascara. It performs an extraordinary job. The price however is salty. 29€ a piece. It’s a more of an extra that I allow myself from time to time and it’s probably the only expensive mascara I’ll ever buy unless I become insanely rich. However, if you do want the best, this is the best I’ve ever tested.



MAKEUP // Foggy look with Sisley Phyto-Ombres.

Hi dear readers! I present you today foggy look which I accomplish with two Sisley eyeshdows that I found in my mom’s collection (and that were in my december favorites) They’re not new products but they are still sold and I assume it’s because they’re pretty good. I love them so much I wanted to share this look with you.

I start by applying the quartz shadow on my outer lid with a flat blending brush. I try and leave a lot of pigments on the outer lid and crease and blend a little to the middle lid. I also blend it with my eyes open to apply shadow in the crease and widen my eyes.

Then, also with a blending brush (but you could use any brush), I simply apply the Vanilla in my inner lid and apply and blend it to my inner corner. It’s very simple. This look can be worn at day time and at night time. As it was night and I was going to the restaurant, I completed the look by applying Crave from the Naked Basics palette at the base of the lid with an eyebrow/eyeliner brush. I did the same at the base of the lower lash line, but only to the middle of my eye.




I apologize for my neglected eyebrows, I’m going to reshape them soon enough. Here is a list of the products I used for this look.

Foundation // L’Oréal Lumi Magique liquid foundation R/C/K2 rose porcelaine.
Concealer // Flormar full coverage concealer 01 fair Ivory.
Powder // Maybelline Fit me pressed powder 125 nude beige.
Eyeshadow // Sisley Phyto-Ombres Eclat, quartz & vanilla
Black line // Crave from Urban Decay’s Naked Basics.
Mascara // Helena Rubinstein Lash Queen Sexy Blacks.
Eyebrows // M.A.C deep dark brunette eyebrow pencil.
Blush // Kiko soft touch blush 108 Orange Coral.
Lips // M.A.C Myth lipstick.

I hope you like this look that has been my basic look for a month now. Tell me if you desire a daytime picture. See you soon for another post!


December favorites.

I’m usually not the type to buy different things every month as I’d rather stick to the products I love and buy only after thinking it through. Therefore it might be difficult for me to offer a list of favorites every month. But this is Christmas and I happen to have a few discoveries to share with you.

As it is winter, I must say my very first favorite is my Dermophil hands cream, indian fomule, which works absolutely great, especially on my very broken skin. You can buy it at Di in Belgium.


Then comes this beauty that was on my december wishlist and that I finally got (I didn’t wait very long), the O.P.I Matte Top Coat that I already applied on my nude Essie “spin the bottle”. It looks perfect and I can’t even describe, I’ve been waiting for such a clean discreet look for so long. I will probably post a review very soon. You can buy it at Planet Parfum for 15€.


This also comes from Planet Parfum and I also got it for Christmas, the Helena Rubinstein mascara Lash Queen Sexy Blacks. I’ve been loving this mascara for a few years already and I always seem to go back to it but it just costs too much (30€) so I kind of always wait for Christmas. Anyway, I’m going to start using it very soon but I might just use it on special occasions. After all, Miss Manga does the job very well too.


Now comes my all-time favorite that happened to serve a lot in the christmas-blocus time. I use it all the time but in this period where I stay home a sometimes go out just for an hour or so, I like to skip foundation and go straight to the concealer. The Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer does a great job by himself (whit a touch of my Maybelline pressed powder to help). This product has a special place in my heart and on this list because I just found out Maybelline literally stopped making it (according to a seller from Di) which is like the dumbest decision ever. Anyway, I love this and I hope they make it again.


On my favorite list also, two eyeshadows Phyto-Ombres Eclat from Sisley that I found in my mom’s huge collection of middly used make up. I don’t know when they were made. All that counts is that they work amazingly. One is called Quartz (a greyish purple that looks good on the outer lid, on the upper lid and on the whole moving lid too. It’s a nice shadow that still looks natural.

The second one is called Vanilla. It’s a clear beige color, clearer than femme-fi from M.A.C’s stroke of midnight warm palette. It’s very little shimmery. This color gives you a natural look and lights your eyes. I can use both of these colors to perform somewhat of a smokey eye that is hard to mess up. Of course, I discovered the price of those products (around 25€ a color) and I don’t think them again once it runs out. They’re used, but I think there is still enough for a while.


This is all for now but I hope there will be more favorite lists in the following month. Oh and you’ll notice that all the pictures are taken with my very new Nikon D3200 which I love! I wish you a happy new year and don’t forget to mention your own December favorites in the comments.


REVIEW // Mascara L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga.

After seeing the commercial for this mascara several times, I finally decided to try it. My previous one, also a L’Oréal, was the Volume Million Lashes. Before doing it, I watched some videos about the product. I give you today my appreciation on this mascara with great promises.

Let’s talk about the technical aspects of this product. It has natural hair and a pivot at the beginning of the head which is a little scary at first. But really, there’s nothing to be afraid of, the stem does not curve a lot under the pressure of our lashes. Just enough to adopt more fluid and natural movements. The mascara itself is very liquid which can lead to some overlaps on the eyelids if you’re kind of clumsy (but nothing very disturbing).

In the end, what do your lashes look like once everything’s applied? Very beautiful, basically. The Miss Manga offers long, thick and perfectly black lashes. A plus : it separates the lashes like none before which actually brings a Manga effect, even fake lashes.

But not everything is perfect, obviously. There are some negative effects. Too neat, he doesn’t darken the eyes enough at its base which let us look a little tired. It must be accompanied with a line of pencil or liner. The Miss Manga is so effective that I’d rather not apply it on the bottom lashes. They get so long this it makes it look less natural. I’d rather use a less intense mascara (such as the Volume Millions Lashes ones). But it depends one one’s taste.

Anyway, I don’t regret buying it at all and I think you won’t either. I prefer it to the Volume Million Lashes one, even though I still use it for the bottom lashes. About the quality/price ratio, I don’t find it too expensive.


REVIEW // Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay.

The Naked Basics palette joins a serie of palettes of the same name « naked ». It comes perfectly since it brings essentials that the others won’t offer. Wether you know these wonders from Urban Decay or not, this pape ris made for you if you want to know what exactly you’re buying.

How does the Naked Basics differ from its cousins ? First, it only has six colours and most of them are mat. Only one of the mis shimmery in opposition to the other naked palettes which contains more shimmery shadows and less mats.

Nothing too fancy, you will only find nude, basic colours, which explains the name of the product. We have different beige, a brown and a black. There is also a shimmery white which is too white in my opinion. I never use it and would rather use a shimmery beige from another palette. Which colours do I use then ?

The four last ones, mostly. W.O.S is perfect as a base. After applying my concealer, I matify it with this colour on my whole lid and under my eyes, on my dark circles. It’s shad is neutral and natural. It brightens the eyes. I rarely use the Naked 2 colour because I don’t always have the time to make a real smokey eye. Most of the time, I only use Faint on the outer half of my eye and Crave (the black one), in the outer corner. I blend everything to get what looks like a smokey eye. Putting crave in the corner is perfect for creating a shadow and widening the eye.

The colours are very strong and pigmented. I can’t apply them precisely or properly choose the quantity yet. I keep everything under control with my blender brush. Crave is also very useful if you want to apply it like an eye-liner. The colour will not be as intense and could appear more like a grey line though.

The Naked Basics palette is perfect if you don’t vary your styles very often and like to have a neutral, well made look. It contains all the essentials that everyone should own and that you can include to every look. The fact that the colours are mat allow you to perform a structured day eye make up that will not show too much.

Anyway, a shimmery palette could be more interesting for the evening. Only buy this palette if you already own one of this kind (advice from the lady who sol dit to me). About the price, I think 29€ in Munich was a bit to high but the quality doesn’t lie. I couldn’t let it go. Because yes, Urban Decay doesn’t happen to sell in Belgium. For us then, it will be internet or you can wait for your next trip to a big city.