REVIEW // Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay.

The Naked Basics palette joins a serie of palettes of the same name « naked ». It comes perfectly since it brings essentials that the others won’t offer. Wether you know these wonders from Urban Decay or not, this pape ris made for you if you want to know what exactly you’re buying.

How does the Naked Basics differ from its cousins ? First, it only has six colours and most of them are mat. Only one of the mis shimmery in opposition to the other naked palettes which contains more shimmery shadows and less mats.

Nothing too fancy, you will only find nude, basic colours, which explains the name of the product. We have different beige, a brown and a black. There is also a shimmery white which is too white in my opinion. I never use it and would rather use a shimmery beige from another palette. Which colours do I use then ?

The four last ones, mostly. W.O.S is perfect as a base. After applying my concealer, I matify it with this colour on my whole lid and under my eyes, on my dark circles. It’s shad is neutral and natural. It brightens the eyes. I rarely use the Naked 2 colour because I don’t always have the time to make a real smokey eye. Most of the time, I only use Faint on the outer half of my eye and Crave (the black one), in the outer corner. I blend everything to get what looks like a smokey eye. Putting crave in the corner is perfect for creating a shadow and widening the eye.

The colours are very strong and pigmented. I can’t apply them precisely or properly choose the quantity yet. I keep everything under control with my blender brush. Crave is also very useful if you want to apply it like an eye-liner. The colour will not be as intense and could appear more like a grey line though.

The Naked Basics palette is perfect if you don’t vary your styles very often and like to have a neutral, well made look. It contains all the essentials that everyone should own and that you can include to every look. The fact that the colours are mat allow you to perform a structured day eye make up that will not show too much.

Anyway, a shimmery palette could be more interesting for the evening. Only buy this palette if you already own one of this kind (advice from the lady who sol dit to me). About the price, I think 29€ in Munich was a bit to high but the quality doesn’t lie. I couldn’t let it go. Because yes, Urban Decay doesn’t happen to sell in Belgium. For us then, it will be internet or you can wait for your next trip to a big city.