REVIEW // First manicure of the year with the O.P.I Matte Top Coat


I may be studying but that doesn’t mean I can’t be pretty. For Christmas, I got the O.P.I Matte Top Coat that was on my December wishlist. I had to try it and the perfect moment to do it was while reading a huge book about graffiti’s. I chose to put on my O.P.I “Mimosas for mr & mrs” which is a very clear nude. It looks kind of white which I don’t really like when it’s shiny. That’s why I hadn’t worn it for a while.

But I got it out. Applying the color was very long. I had to go up to three layers and each one takes a very long time to dry. Luckily, I didn’t have to move for two hours. But what’s most important here is the top coat. I don’t think there is anything negative to say about it. It does its job as it should. It’s very easy to apply all over. It dries in no time and it’s actually pretty fun to see your nail turn matte. The top coat brings a clean and discreet look to any nailpolish that I much prefer to the shiny one. It completely made me feel in love with my “Mimosas for mr & mrs” that I had put aside.

They only thing that annoys me is the fact that little black hair always seem to find their way under it at the same time I apply it which make all my efforts to stay still kind of useless. When it comes to the strength of the top coat, I applied it three days ago and yes it has broken a little on my left hand while my right hand is almost intact. But for its defense, I must admit I have washed the dishes quite energetically today and no nail polish survives the dishwashing. So I’d say it is okay.

I also tried to use it as a base coat. I couldn’t find anything on the internet that said if it was okay to do it. It gave a weird matte aspect to my uncolored nail and it wouldn’t really dry. When I applied the color on it, it took a kind of matte not so matte aspect but that disappear after the second layer of color. Just so you know (I experiment for you). And to explain why I tried that, I’ll just say I’ve been studying, I don’t have any normal base coat anymore and I didn’t really get out of my house for a week so, I deal with what I have !

Conclusion is, I don’t think I’ll be able to deal without the O.P.I Matte Top Coat in the future. It gives the exact effect I’ve been trying to accomplish for so long on my nails. When it comes to the price, we can have it for 15€ here in Belgium at Planet Parfum which is the price of any O.P.I product here. It’s not the cheapest, but I’d say it’s worth the price. I just hope I don’t run out too fast. In my opinion, the O.P.I Matte Top Coat is now a basic.

P.S. I apologize for my chubby looking fingers but it is the way they are and now you understand why I’m that into nude and not into colors aha ! Oh and yes, I was in training and barefoot.





December favorites.

I’m usually not the type to buy different things every month as I’d rather stick to the products I love and buy only after thinking it through. Therefore it might be difficult for me to offer a list of favorites every month. But this is Christmas and I happen to have a few discoveries to share with you.

As it is winter, I must say my very first favorite is my Dermophil hands cream, indian fomule, which works absolutely great, especially on my very broken skin. You can buy it at Di in Belgium.


Then comes this beauty that was on my december wishlist and that I finally got (I didn’t wait very long), the O.P.I Matte Top Coat that I already applied on my nude Essie “spin the bottle”. It looks perfect and I can’t even describe, I’ve been waiting for such a clean discreet look for so long. I will probably post a review very soon. You can buy it at Planet Parfum for 15€.


This also comes from Planet Parfum and I also got it for Christmas, the Helena Rubinstein mascara Lash Queen Sexy Blacks. I’ve been loving this mascara for a few years already and I always seem to go back to it but it just costs too much (30€) so I kind of always wait for Christmas. Anyway, I’m going to start using it very soon but I might just use it on special occasions. After all, Miss Manga does the job very well too.


Now comes my all-time favorite that happened to serve a lot in the christmas-blocus time. I use it all the time but in this period where I stay home a sometimes go out just for an hour or so, I like to skip foundation and go straight to the concealer. The Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer does a great job by himself (whit a touch of my Maybelline pressed powder to help). This product has a special place in my heart and on this list because I just found out Maybelline literally stopped making it (according to a seller from Di) which is like the dumbest decision ever. Anyway, I love this and I hope they make it again.


On my favorite list also, two eyeshadows Phyto-Ombres Eclat from Sisley that I found in my mom’s huge collection of middly used make up. I don’t know when they were made. All that counts is that they work amazingly. One is called Quartz (a greyish purple that looks good on the outer lid, on the upper lid and on the whole moving lid too. It’s a nice shadow that still looks natural.

The second one is called Vanilla. It’s a clear beige color, clearer than femme-fi from M.A.C’s stroke of midnight warm palette. It’s very little shimmery. This color gives you a natural look and lights your eyes. I can use both of these colors to perform somewhat of a smokey eye that is hard to mess up. Of course, I discovered the price of those products (around 25€ a color) and I don’t think them again once it runs out. They’re used, but I think there is still enough for a while.


This is all for now but I hope there will be more favorite lists in the following month. Oh and you’ll notice that all the pictures are taken with my very new Nikon D3200 which I love! I wish you a happy new year and don’t forget to mention your own December favorites in the comments.


REVIEW // Essie “spin the bottle”, the perfect nude ?

It was a long time ago that I started to have interest in nude nail polishes. They’re pretty much the only ones I was interested in. I remember how one of my friends couldn’t believe that I was only asking her to buy me a transparent nail polish for my birthday (it was the small budget gift at the time). I asked that because it was impossible to find any skin color nail polish in a store at that time. But I wanted the same nails as the models in magazines which were colourless. Ever since, I bought and tested some of those nude products and my last find is an Essie one, the number 312 called “Spin the bottle”.

I found it in a clearance sale for only three euros. It was my first Essie product ever. I tested it anxious that it would be too dark and creamy like the Dior 219, too thin like the swanskin beige from & Other Stories (it’s actually a manicure nail polish), too white or that it would take too long to dry like a nude I bought from O.P.I. But really, I had nothing bad to say about this nail polish.

Two layers are enough, each dries in ten minutes. The finish doesn’t make bubbles (a problem I had in the past), the color is not too dark, at least on my skin, even though it sometimes looks kind of “foundation-y” in a certain light. Most important, the finish is plain and opaque.

It’s so easy to apply and I usually just paint one finger at a time when the color goes away. The brush is optimal, wide, it can take a bit quantity of nail polish (which is pretty liquid and non-creamy) and spread it all over in only one movement or two. Don’t forget to use a top coat to make it more elegant.

You’ve got it, I recommend this nude treasure to every girl who is looking for one. Note that my skin is not white white and that the color might be too dark for someone with pale skin. The other nail polishes quoted earlier from & Other Stories and O.P.I. might then be more of your carnation. But when it comes to product quality and application, Essie is certainly the way to go. Plus : it is perfect for nude feet.