Buying a brush set off the internet, check !

I had been wanting to buy a brush set for about a year now. But it’s impossible to find one in a store in Belgium. You have to buy it from the internet. But which one do you choose? I don’t like to spend so much money on something that I don’t know if I will truly use, but I still wanted to have the whole package, the 24 or 32 brush set, with a huge amount of eyeshadow brushes. I wanted to be able to be precise and make achieve those gorgeous eye creations. But how to know which one to buy and how to know if it’s quality? One might say that 30 brushes for 30€ can’t be quality. But I came across some cheap sets that had really good reviews. Anyway, I didn’t really know how to pay with my card (shame on me) and didn’t make it a priority.

At the end of November, I received an e-mail from amongst many others (I should’ve never subscribed) that informed me they were selling a 32 makeup brushes set for only 25€ ! No need to say that the makeup addict that I am was immediately stimulated. More important, the deal was expiring in only four days. As I have said earlier, I’m usually not a compulsive buyer. I wanted to make researches and find reviews but there was a little issue. The set didn’t have any brand. It just said “professional makeup brushes set”. A battle was taking place inside me. But at the end I couldn’t resist it. I couldn’t resist the 77% off mention nor the extremely cheap price.

I bought it. And it arrived three weeks later (I hadn’t read that part and was expecting it two days later). My opinion? It’s amazing. The brushes come in a black leather pouch which is very pretty. All the brushes are soft and fluffy just as I like them except for the ones that are not supposed to be fluffy. There were a lot of brushes that I had never used before such as the foundation brush which I know use every day (it’s amazing).

I acquired with it very good eyeshadow brushes and more importantly a very fluffy powder brush and an also very fluffy blush brush that are replacing the old bad ones that I had. I’m also the proud owner of a contouring brush. These three are my favorite ones with the foundation one, the concealer one and the eyebrows one. Overall, I’m satisfied.

The question is what justified such a low price? I guess they do match their original price which was above 100 €. They do not lose their hair, they’re soft, beautiful (all black and classy). I only found one flaw and it was that on some brushes, one or two hair were longer that the others (seriously, not more than two a brush). They didn’t come out when pulled, they were just longer, maybe not cut.

My advice to you is that if you live somewhere where you can order from Groupon (Belgium or any country where they have it) and you see such a deal that resembles what I got, you should really take it. It’s golden. Anyway, that makes me the proud owner of a brush set!

You can get the set here at

I wish you all a happy 2015 and I hope you will all make the best of it.
With love x