REVIEW // make a bun in no time with the Hairagami.


Haven’t we all wanted to accomplish THE bun? Yes we have. And most of us found satisfaction in those big donuts you wrap your hair around. I haven’t. See, I’m not the best with my hands and I don’t like to spend more than two minutes on an hairstyle. Now I’ve always wondered: when you have long hair and wrap it up around this donut, where do the lengths go ? My friends usually have to wrap the last bit in a small tail around the base of the bun. That’s inconvenient. I found the Hairagami a few years ago and it made my life.

What is the Hairagami ? It’s a bun maker. How does it work ? Basically, like a hotbun. It’s straight at beginning. You wrap your hair around it from bottom up and then close the thing to make it round. More precisely, the Hairagami is composed of two straight bars, held in a black velvety fabric that holds them together. You have to put your hair in a ponytail. Then, grab the base of your ponytail in between the two bars and slide them to the bottom of your ponytail. Now roll the thing up, rolling your hair around it. Once you’re at the base, just make a move to fold it and the bars will crack, adopting an instant round shape. And now, your hair is forming a bun. No hair lost around. You might have to be careful during the process that hair doesn’t stick out of the mass but it does not require much effort. A few bobby pins are also needed because there will probably be a hairless area at the back of your bun that lets the Hairagami show.


This accessory is here to simplify your life. I transport it everywhere, it doesn’t take much space and whenever my hair is tired or flat at the end of the day, I wrap it up in a bun in no time. The only inconvenient is the fact that, when released, the hair tends to have a squary aspect. A hotbun, being fluffy and round, would be less harmful. But I do with what I’ve got. However, maybe the picture I let you here will be better understood than my words. As for the price, it is of 12€ at Claire’s in Europe which I think is an okay price for what it is even though I was extremely happy to get it for 5€ only.

I always hope my posts help you, I hope this one did for all of you who are looking for an easier way to do it. See you soon for another post x