OUTFIT // Summer casual.

Hi people! You must’ve realized by now that I’m not especially good with titles. I usually go with naming one of the items that I’m wearing and that I want to enhance or I just describe the outfit if for example it’s a head-to-toe. But this outfit, I thought, is a whole. And therefore, after “summer chic”, I decided to title this post “summer casual”.

I do want you to have a special look at this very classy watch by Komono that my godmother offered me for my birthday though. It was definitely my favorite in the store. I’m in love with quite large faces when it comes to watches. This is such a perfect classier alternative to my huge OOZOO. The colors are pretty sophisticated, yet the red pops compared to some other monotonous bands. In Brussels, you can buy those at Hopono shops. One is located on rue des Chartreux and the other one on rue du Bailli. Komono is a Belgian brand.

About the rest of the outfit, I know a jean jacket may not feel like summer to some of you (I obviously did not need it in Mallorca) but here in Brussels, you always want to take a light jacket, even during the summer, especially if you plan to stay out late. Such a pretty jean jacket definitely tells summer to me. I’m always happy to take it out of the closet. I bought this one at Zara a few years ago and I have been looking for a new one that would be as perfectly cut, now that this one is kind of used up. I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, unfortunately.

The dress, let’s talk about the dress (too much talk you say?). I bought it in Mallorca for less than ten euros at Cala Ratjada. I truly needed such a dress to wear around all day with my bikini underneath. Something simple. I never hoped I would be able to wear it in Brussels but it’s that basic that it’s quite easy to dress it up. Dresses with this length aren’t usually my thing but I just love how this one splits, revealing yet making you look covered enough. I don’t think a reasonable person could call this vulgar. The dress is pretty straight, it doesn’t show all curves, it feels pretty airy which is great.

Apart from the Komono watch, I accessorized the outfit with my small blue bag from Veritas that fitted right with the colors. I wore my leather flip flops by Les petites bombes. I just love to let my feet breath in the summer and leather flip flops are just perfect to be casual yet correctly dressed. You should totally try those.

I hope you love this outfit. I especially loved shooting it with my bestfriend, Joséphine. It’s been very different from usual (my boyfriend usually shoots me) but I absolutely love the result. The shooting place looks so beautiful and the pictures look so romantic to me! I hope you feel the same. I’ll leave you saying this : the next post will be posted on basic-ish.com


outfit summer casual 15

outfit summer casual 2

outfit summer casual 3

outfit summer casual 6

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outfit summer casual 4

outfit summer casual komono

outfit summer casual 5

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outfit summer casual 9

outfit summer casual 12

outfit summer casual 10

outfit summer casual 13

outfit summer casual 14


OUTFIT // Denim on denim.

outfit denim on denim 9

Hello people! Today, I’m showing you an outfit I shot a few weeks ago. It’s actually one of my favorites. I’ve had this denim shirt for a while now but I only discovered it a few months ago when I tried wearing it closed with no tank top underneath. I bought it at Pull & Bear. It’s a bit large but I still like it a lot! I like to pair this clear shade with darker shades. This time I paired it with darker blue pants that look like denim. I’m not sure it’s genuine denim though. You already saw them, I bought them at Zara. I love how they stop at the ankle with looks very classy with ballerinas. I only accessorized the outfit with this cute zebra clutch by La frénésie d’Aurélie.

I’m currently enjoying my holidays in Mallorca and I’m wearing it a lot. Not having to take an umbrella or a bottle of water really helps to make it possible. I really want to shoot some holiday looks, especially now that I did some shopping but I’m kind of embarrassed to ask my brother to shoot me. I will do it soon, I promise!

Anyway, here is where I leave you. I need to go prepare for dinner and wear one of my new purchases. May we meet again for another post ♡


denim on denim 2

outfit denim on denim 2

outfit denim on denim 4

outfit denim on denim 5

outfit denim on denim 6

outfit denim on denim 7

outfit denim on denim

OUTFIT // Summer chic.

outfit summer chic 3

Those last few days have been extremely warm in Brussels and in Europe overall. Sleeping has been awfully hard, shopping without sweating hasn’t been easy and wearing pants has been a real torture. I shopped shorts but today, I decided to dust my patterned a-line dress. I wanted nothing more than to let my legs and my feet breath.

I bought the shoes at 1001 pattes last week for 24€. They are leather and very stable. This type of shoes is a summer essential in my opinion. They are flat, they are open, they are casual and chic at the same time. I only wore them for the first time yesterday and they did hurt me a lot. It will probably pass next time I wear them though. I hope you don’t mind my blurred feet.

The capeline is another summer must. I can be worn both at the beach and at a classy event. It dresses your head, hides your face if you’re feeling tired and protect it. I love this one because the size is perfect, it is black and it protects my face pretty well. The top of your head can get pretty hot under it though when the sun is shining. I bought it at H&M for only 10€.

Lastly, let me introduce you to my clutch. I fell in love with it at the Brussels Vintage Market in May. It only cost 10€ and was actually handmade by a lovely Belgian girl. The brand is called “la frénésie d’Aurélie”. I love the texture and the pattern a lot.

I hope you like this outfit as much as I do. I’m sorry, the sun hid hitself right when we went photoshooting, the heat was there anyway. Please tell me what you think about it! May we meet again for another post.


outfit summer chic 2

DETAILS » Capeline, H&M (10€). Dress, New Look. Shoes, Les petites bombes (25€). Clutch, La frénésie d’Aurélie (10€).

outfit summer chic 5

outfit summer chic 4

outfit summer chic 6

outfit summer chic

outfit summer chic 7

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outfit summer chic 13

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outfit summer chic 14

outfit summer chic 12

OUTFIT // loose top and check shirt.

outfit casual vibe 6

I’ve been very satisfied with my outfits ever since I bought those cute little Vans dupes at Primark. They make my outfits effortlessly cool. They’re way easier and more comfortable to wear than flats and pretty much match with everything. Only the shoes are new on these pictures. The sunglasses are about three months old and the other clothes are all more than one year old. I think I bought the sunglasses at SIX but I’m really not sure since I purchased them at Inno. They were cheap though, so they must either be from SIX or I am. This outfit is frankly very simple but I absolutely loved the results because the lightning was fantastic. It almost looked like some Californian lightning. I hope you guys love the pictures as much as I do.

At the end of this post, you will see four pictures that show you how to fold your shirt sleeve perfectly. I learned it from one of my favorite outfit blogs, extrapetite. First, you need to unbutton your sleeve, then fold it one up to your elbow. After that, fold once more but let a bit of the end of the sleeve show. This trick has really made my life easier when it comes to shirts since I always like to fold their sleeves up. Anyway, here are the details.

Shirt, Pimkie. Top, Ginatricot. Pants, Zara. Shoes, Primark (8€). Bag, unknown brand bought at Oxygen on De Wand street, Brussels. Sunglasses, bought Inno for a very cheap price.


outfit casual vibe 5

outfit casual vibe 4

outfit casual vibe

outfit casual vibe 2

outfit casual vibe back

outfit casual vibe 3

outfit casual vibe sunglasses

outfit casual vibe sunglasses 2

outfit casual vibe primark shoes

outfit casual vibe primark shoes 2

How to fold your shirt sleeve perfectly.

outfit casual vibe how to

outfit casual vibe how to 2

outfit casual vibe how to 3

outfit casual vibe how to 4

OUTFIT // La marnière


Hello people! I hope you’re having a nice week or a nice holiday start. I definitely am. My life is a whole lot of staying home watching series (OITNB & House of Cards ♡), doing nothing, shopping for me and for friends, but also shooting outfits. I can’t wait to do it again to feature all the outfits I have in mind. I know my outfits mostly consist of basics but still, I love them. Today, I’m showing you another end of spring outfit for 16 degrees and plus temperatures.

The weather really hasn’t been that nice. There has been absolutely no sun in Brussels for a few days. Fortunately, it’s not cold which means I can go out with just a blazer as a jacket which is somewhat great.

This outfit features a classic, the “marinière” tee. This is an old one from H&M. They still make very similar ones though. I love the fact that it has red and not blue stripes. Another thing I love about marinières, except from the fact that they’re usually pretty basic, is that they generally come with a bateau neckline which I find very flattering and classy. This one model is very stretchy.

I wore it with what has been my favorite pair of pants lately. I bought them at Zara a while ago. I love the dark blue color and the fact that it stops before the ankle which I find great in summer when you want to wear trousers with flats. I accessorized the outfit with my small bag from Veritas and my all-time favorite OOZOO watch.

Tell me what you think about the outfit, I’m always pleased to see you care. May we meet again for another post. ■


t-ishirt marin col bateau

DETAILS » Marinière, H&M. Trousers, Zara. Flats, H&M (10€). Watch, OOZOO (40€). Bag, Veritas (30€).

t-ishirt marin col bateau 7

t-ishirt marin col bateau 3

t-ishirt marin col bateau 8

Veritas bag + oozoo 2

Veritas bag + oozoo

OUTFIT // Head-to-toe blue.

htt blue 3

Hello people! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a post. It’s almost like I don’t know how to do it anymore. I didn’t intend to stop blogging for such a long time but these finals really were something. I couldn’t have made any space in my schedule to blog. Plus, it was my boyfriend’s finals too which means that photoshooting was impossible. However, I’m happy I was serious enough because it paid off. I’m almost officially a third grade university student. It makes me feel so old and mature to say such a thing.

Anyway, now I’m back with an outfit that has been on my outfit ideas list for about two months. It’s a head-to-toe blue. Blue is the second most present color in my wardrobe and it just feels right. It’s not too bright, it’s not too dark. Perfect for a grey end of spring afternoon. I couldn’t have completed this outfit until a few days ago, when I bought those cute shoes at Primark for 8€. I had gone shopping right after my oral exam and after a while, around 5pm, my feet just started to hurt too much. Those are really great for spring and summer, much better than flats if you don’t want your feet to stink (unless you go sockless), much better than sandals if you don’t like your toes showing.

They look like Vans but they are not. Brands are never my motive. As you must have seen it, I don’t care very much about those. I only care about having clothes that make me look nice. Anyway, I love everything about this outfit. I bought the jacket for 20€ on sale at Zara last summer. It’s very light and I love how it tightens around to waist which can (I hope) elongate you. I’m also in love with the hood. The bag was also bought on sales last summer for 50€ instead of 100€. The lash broke down and I replaced it by another one which also broke. Now I’m using it with the small blue Veritas bag’s lash. I hope it won’t break down but to be fair I do tend to put a lot of weight in it.

That’s it for today. I usually never post on Sunday and I would’ve rather posted it yesterday but I went shopping all day so I just couldn’t. Now I have a lot of things to show to you in outfits and makeup reviews! I’m so happy to be able to blog again. May we meet again for another post.


htt blue 4

DETAILS » Jacket, Zara. Pants, Zara. Shoes, Primark 8€. Bag, unknown brand bought at Oxygen on de Wand Street, Brussels.

zara jacket

head-to-toe blue

Blue Satchel

Blue satchel medium size

htt blue

OUTFIT // Shades of grey.


Here we meet again for the usual Saturday outfit. I’m happy to have been able to keep such a consistency. But I do want to post about other things too. I actually intended to post about making makis on Wednesday but the timing was quite bad. And I did forget to take crucial pictures (silly me). But you’ll get it soon enough as I don’t think posting outfits is going to be possible during the blocus, unless you want to see pajamas.

For this outfit, I wore my duster cardigan again but with only grey and black items, my big infinity scarf since it was not warm enough these last days and my very new huge bag. It’s a Burkely and I got it at the shop “Champs Elysées” on the Rue Neuve in Brussels. This shop is entirely dedicated to bags and luggage. Their products are usually expensive but you sometimes happen to find quality leather bags as this one for less than a hundred euros. A treasure. I bought it because I needed a bag that could carry all the things that I need for school such as my computer, food, books and everything. Oh, yes, you did see it in this post. It’s much wider than my previous one, which you saw in this post. I’m astonished by the amount of space there is in this beauty.

I hope you love this outfit, which contains more black than grey but hey, isn’t black a shade of grey? I’m sorry about the crappy shoes, I don’t know why but they do not usually look as cheap. Do not hesitate to share your opinion with me in the comments, I always care! May we meet again for another post x







OUTFIT // the pink a-line.


I do not think I ever bought a piece of clothing as fast as I bought this pink a-line top. I was in Munich and I wanted to buy, which I did a lot. The duster cardigan was the first victim but this, I bought on my last shopping day. I’m usually not a compulsive buyer but when on holidays, I can’t control myself. I want to bring back the most I can from these stores that we do not have in our small Belgium.

I entered an ONLY shop and saw this simple, a-line (which is my favorite neck-cut), fluid, pink top. And it only cost 10€. I tried it and I couldn’t deny its beauty and the instant dose of color it brought. There are only a few colors I wear and we can all say that kaki and blue are flat colors, whereas pink is such a vibrant color, the only one of the kind I wear. I love Candy pink, fuchsia and pale pink (like the blazer in this outfit). I never realized it until one day, I was describing the dress I had just bought for a ball to a friend, I said “it’s pink” and she just answered “of course it is, you love pink”. What an observer. I love people who simply pay attention to other people’s perks and habits.

Anyway, I’m getting lost here. I hope you love this outfit which is pretty simple, I admit (it carries my signature). I particularly enjoyed shooting the pictures in the fields next to my house. The weather was hot yet fresh at the end of the afternoon. We did some funny pictures and we even used up to 5 minutes taking pictures of ladybugs having intercourse, you can see the pictures here.

Don’t forget to comment and may we meet again for another post x











OUTFIT // The duster cardigan.


These past weeks, Brussels has been vivified by a springy atmosphere that we can all appreciate. Sunglasses are popping out as well as flowers. We even got a few very warm days that allowed me to wear this outfit. You should know that I’ve been waiting since September to be able to perform it, ever since I came back from Munich where this duster cardigan is from. Wearing a jacket over a duster cardigan seems silly and not wearing a jacket in Belgium is basically unachievable.

This duster cardigan, which sits on my top three favorite clothes list, has been waiting this long to be dusted. And when I could finally take it out of my wardrobe for another use than as a pajama, I knew exactly how to style it. With simplicity as always. It’s actually a piece that suffices itself. It does not need much styling as it brings the thunder with its originality. You should see it float behind me (I’m going to shoot that next time), light and bright. I just feel elegant (so when is it exactly that we can all wear long Harry Potter capes, because I’m waiting).

I chose to wear it with the neutrals black and beige and a touch of blue brought by my small Veritas bag. This outfit, without the accessories, costs less than 40€. The bag is actually the most expensive item here.

Duster cardigan // forever 21, 11€.
Trousers // primark, 8€.
Top // pimkie, 5€.
Ballerinas // h&m, 10€.
Bag // veritas, 30€.

I’m sorry if I never give you links to the item, most of my clothes are not new collection and it can be quite difficult to find them online. I hope you love this outfit, don’t forget to tell me what you think in the comments (I always answer).

I’d also like to let you know that I opened an Instagram account dedicated to the blog where I will announce new posts and share outfits that you might not see here (as I cannot always shoot them). Here is the link.

See you soon for another post x




OUTFIT // Head-to-toe black.


Hi people! I can’t believe that you still haven’t seen any head-to-toe black outfits from me when you know that it is my go-to outfit. The weather has been so nice lately in Brussels that such a severe outfit is hard to pull out. However, you still get the chance to see one today. This is a very basic one since I decided to only show you trousers, a jacket and shoes. I’m sorry you don’t get to see what I’m wearing under my jacket. Let’s call it a winter outfit then.

I’m wearing my favorite jacket which is from last Winter Zara. I love how straight it is even though it makes me look extremely flat (I usually have a butt, promise). The trousers are from Primark, as usual. You must be thinking “hew, it must stink”. Well, my secret is that I’ve got two of them. I love them too much. My shoes, well, you’ve seen them in one outfit already and I love them so much that they were in my march favorites post. Enough talking, here are the details of what I wore.

Trousers // Primark, 8€.
Jacket // Zara, 129€ (not sold anymore).
Shoes // Bershka, 40€.
Lips // HEMA matte lipbalm, color 08, 4,50€.