REVIEW // make a bun in no time with the Hairagami.


Haven’t we all wanted to accomplish THE bun? Yes we have. And most of us found satisfaction in those big donuts you wrap your hair around. I haven’t. See, I’m not the best with my hands and I don’t like to spend more than two minutes on an hairstyle. Now I’ve always wondered: when you have long hair and wrap it up around this donut, where do the lengths go ? My friends usually have to wrap the last bit in a small tail around the base of the bun. That’s inconvenient. I found the Hairagami a few years ago and it made my life.

What is the Hairagami ? It’s a bun maker. How does it work ? Basically, like a hotbun. It’s straight at beginning. You wrap your hair around it from bottom up and then close the thing to make it round. More precisely, the Hairagami is composed of two straight bars, held in a black velvety fabric that holds them together. You have to put your hair in a ponytail. Then, grab the base of your ponytail in between the two bars and slide them to the bottom of your ponytail. Now roll the thing up, rolling your hair around it. Once you’re at the base, just make a move to fold it and the bars will crack, adopting an instant round shape. And now, your hair is forming a bun. No hair lost around. You might have to be careful during the process that hair doesn’t stick out of the mass but it does not require much effort. A few bobby pins are also needed because there will probably be a hairless area at the back of your bun that lets the Hairagami show.


This accessory is here to simplify your life. I transport it everywhere, it doesn’t take much space and whenever my hair is tired or flat at the end of the day, I wrap it up in a bun in no time. The only inconvenient is the fact that, when released, the hair tends to have a squary aspect. A hotbun, being fluffy and round, would be less harmful. But I do with what I’ve got. However, maybe the picture I let you here will be better understood than my words. As for the price, it is of 12€ at Claire’s in Europe which I think is an okay price for what it is even though I was extremely happy to get it for 5€ only.

I always hope my posts help you, I hope this one did for all of you who are looking for an easier way to do it. See you soon for another post x



REVIEW // Foam foundation, yes or no ?


Foam foundation. Let’s talk about it. I would probably never have bought this product on my own. If I talk about it today, it’s because it landed into my makeup bag when my father still worked for a Belgian woman magazine. I had tried it back then and immediately decided it was unusable. However, I did use it again every once in a while when I found my usual foundation completely empty some mornings as I tried to make up. The one product I’m reviewing here is the Maybelline New York Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation.

Why I didn’t love the experience. Applied with a brush or with the fingers, the disadvantage of this product is always its texture: it’s foamy. When pressed, a big amount of product comes out of the product. No problem. But once applied on the skin, the texture changes right away, becomes rigid and almost impossible to blend on the face. In the end, you find yourself with an opaque and matte mask on the skin. Very unpleasant to apply and everything but natural.

Why I changed my mind. This morning, once again, I found my usual foundation, Lumi-Magique by L’Oréal, dies in my hands after it almost spitted on my white blouse. I try to cover my whole face with the remaining with the help of my magic sponge but in vain. I can’t go any further tan my cheeks. Je glance at my box of unused foundations and the foamy one seems to be the only solution. I take it and apply a small amount of product on my Miracle Complexion sponge by Real Techniques, which I tap around my face. Miracle. The texture almost doesn’t change, it blends as it should on my face and gives it an appreciable aspect. It seems as if the sponge was made for the foamy foundation and the foamy foundation for the makeup sponge. However, it takes pretty longer to get fixed in one spot, without moving and I must tap a while to obtain a true uniformity. It also tends to get on the lips or invade my hair. I’ll end this with a positive note by saying that the foamy foundation inlays itself less in the sponge than the liquid one. The sponge gets less dirty and, when I make it swollen under the water to use it the next time, a big amount of product goes out by itself, what the liquid one doesn’t do.

I would not say that this product now enters my list of favorites or that I would buy it again in the future but it did gain my trust back. Now I’m less in a hurry of buying a foundation as soon as possible. In a nutshell, the foamy foundation, yes, but only applied with a sponge.


REVIEW // Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, amazing find.

Remember my January wishlist, the beauty blender was on it. Well I didn’t wait long to buy a makeup sponge. The praises were just too intense for me to resist. I knew Real Techniques sold a sponge at my local Di (a drugstore). I obviously watched review on youtube before buying it and my doubt flew away.

Ever since I started using the Real Techniques orange sponge, my makeup has been amazing. Truly, what can I say more. Foundation has never appeared so natural. Like the beautyblender, you have to wet it and let it swollen before you use it. This takes approximately 10 to 15 seconds. Then you should press it in a towel. If your sponge is full of old foundation because you’re nasty and haven’t cleaned it yet (like me), foundation will end up on your towel which is annoying. But why press it in a towel ? Because taking off all the water off the sponge is simply impossible. It never feels not wet, which is weird. It always feels like there’s more. Also, it gets dirty quite quickly and I still haven’t looked up how to clean it.

Anyway, when it comes to applying, I apply my liquid foundation directly on the flat part of the sponge and tap it around to apply it on my cheeks and then, tap again to blend. I take only little product once at a time for every part of my face. I usually split foundation 7 times. One for each of my cheeks, I small one for my chine and up my mouth, a small one for my nose, one for my forehead, a small one for my eyes, and one for my neck. Overall, it works amazingly. The foundation is blended evenly and the first time I used it, I felt like there was no foundation at all on my face. But I could see my skin getting more beautiful as I progressed. The only minus is that the flat side doesn’t apply foundation very well under the eyes.

I also use the sponge to blend out my Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer (which I finally found in Geneva). To do it, I use the pointy side of the sponge. It’s amazing how fast it blends everything and makes it look so natural without seeming like it absorbs all the product. My face just seems naturally enlightend.

All this text to say that I’m quite pleased. I haven’t noticed using more product than usual and the result is amazing and natural. The price, 9€ at Di in Belgium is pretty appealing compared to the 19$ beautyblender. I even got this one for less thanks to my Di card. The price is fitting the quality. Overall, I’m very satisfied !


REVIEW // Lash Queen Sexy Blacks by Helena Rubinstein, favorite mascara ever.


Mascara is probably the most important beauty product in my opinion, considering that it’s the one I’d wear if I could only use one. Therefore, it has to be perfect. I came across quite a lot of mascaras in my short makeup life. But one of them really got my attention, the Lash Queen Sexy Blacks by Helena Rubinstein. My mom first bought it a few years ago and then bought it for me as I loved it too much. This time, I got it for Christmas and I’m trying to spare it for nights out and occasions. I had already introduced it in my december favorite. Here is my review of it.

This mascara creates full black eyelashes, just like I love them. The amount of product I get to apply on my eyes is amazing. However, it doesn’t make eyelashes as lengthy as L’Oréal Miss Manga which really blew my mind. It separates the lashes very well as I’m always shaking horizontally as I apply my mascara. Sometimes throughout the process, some lashes stick together but a movement with the brush easily makes them right again.


Helena Rubinstein

Its brush has natural hair and a very special shape. On one side it has a wavy shape with long hair on the sides and short in the middle. On the other side, it presents a perfect line of short hair. You’re supposed to use one side for the upper lashes and the other one for the bottom ones so that they don’t get too long, which is not very classy. However, you have to think to use the right side. The one you see is not the one you’re using. I usually don’t pay attention when I don’t have enough time.

Overall, this is my favorite mascara. It performs an extraordinary job. The price however is salty. 29€ a piece. It’s a more of an extra that I allow myself from time to time and it’s probably the only expensive mascara I’ll ever buy unless I become insanely rich. However, if you do want the best, this is the best I’ve ever tested.


REVIEW // First manicure of the year with the O.P.I Matte Top Coat


I may be studying but that doesn’t mean I can’t be pretty. For Christmas, I got the O.P.I Matte Top Coat that was on my December wishlist. I had to try it and the perfect moment to do it was while reading a huge book about graffiti’s. I chose to put on my O.P.I “Mimosas for mr & mrs” which is a very clear nude. It looks kind of white which I don’t really like when it’s shiny. That’s why I hadn’t worn it for a while.

But I got it out. Applying the color was very long. I had to go up to three layers and each one takes a very long time to dry. Luckily, I didn’t have to move for two hours. But what’s most important here is the top coat. I don’t think there is anything negative to say about it. It does its job as it should. It’s very easy to apply all over. It dries in no time and it’s actually pretty fun to see your nail turn matte. The top coat brings a clean and discreet look to any nailpolish that I much prefer to the shiny one. It completely made me feel in love with my “Mimosas for mr & mrs” that I had put aside.

They only thing that annoys me is the fact that little black hair always seem to find their way under it at the same time I apply it which make all my efforts to stay still kind of useless. When it comes to the strength of the top coat, I applied it three days ago and yes it has broken a little on my left hand while my right hand is almost intact. But for its defense, I must admit I have washed the dishes quite energetically today and no nail polish survives the dishwashing. So I’d say it is okay.

I also tried to use it as a base coat. I couldn’t find anything on the internet that said if it was okay to do it. It gave a weird matte aspect to my uncolored nail and it wouldn’t really dry. When I applied the color on it, it took a kind of matte not so matte aspect but that disappear after the second layer of color. Just so you know (I experiment for you). And to explain why I tried that, I’ll just say I’ve been studying, I don’t have any normal base coat anymore and I didn’t really get out of my house for a week so, I deal with what I have !

Conclusion is, I don’t think I’ll be able to deal without the O.P.I Matte Top Coat in the future. It gives the exact effect I’ve been trying to accomplish for so long on my nails. When it comes to the price, we can have it for 15€ here in Belgium at Planet Parfum which is the price of any O.P.I product here. It’s not the cheapest, but I’d say it’s worth the price. I just hope I don’t run out too fast. In my opinion, the O.P.I Matte Top Coat is now a basic.

P.S. I apologize for my chubby looking fingers but it is the way they are and now you understand why I’m that into nude and not into colors aha ! Oh and yes, I was in training and barefoot.




Buying a brush set off the internet, check !

I had been wanting to buy a brush set for about a year now. But it’s impossible to find one in a store in Belgium. You have to buy it from the internet. But which one do you choose? I don’t like to spend so much money on something that I don’t know if I will truly use, but I still wanted to have the whole package, the 24 or 32 brush set, with a huge amount of eyeshadow brushes. I wanted to be able to be precise and make achieve those gorgeous eye creations. But how to know which one to buy and how to know if it’s quality? One might say that 30 brushes for 30€ can’t be quality. But I came across some cheap sets that had really good reviews. Anyway, I didn’t really know how to pay with my card (shame on me) and didn’t make it a priority.

At the end of November, I received an e-mail from amongst many others (I should’ve never subscribed) that informed me they were selling a 32 makeup brushes set for only 25€ ! No need to say that the makeup addict that I am was immediately stimulated. More important, the deal was expiring in only four days. As I have said earlier, I’m usually not a compulsive buyer. I wanted to make researches and find reviews but there was a little issue. The set didn’t have any brand. It just said “professional makeup brushes set”. A battle was taking place inside me. But at the end I couldn’t resist it. I couldn’t resist the 77% off mention nor the extremely cheap price.

I bought it. And it arrived three weeks later (I hadn’t read that part and was expecting it two days later). My opinion? It’s amazing. The brushes come in a black leather pouch which is very pretty. All the brushes are soft and fluffy just as I like them except for the ones that are not supposed to be fluffy. There were a lot of brushes that I had never used before such as the foundation brush which I know use every day (it’s amazing).

I acquired with it very good eyeshadow brushes and more importantly a very fluffy powder brush and an also very fluffy blush brush that are replacing the old bad ones that I had. I’m also the proud owner of a contouring brush. These three are my favorite ones with the foundation one, the concealer one and the eyebrows one. Overall, I’m satisfied.

The question is what justified such a low price? I guess they do match their original price which was above 100 €. They do not lose their hair, they’re soft, beautiful (all black and classy). I only found one flaw and it was that on some brushes, one or two hair were longer that the others (seriously, not more than two a brush). They didn’t come out when pulled, they were just longer, maybe not cut.

My advice to you is that if you live somewhere where you can order from Groupon (Belgium or any country where they have it) and you see such a deal that resembles what I got, you should really take it. It’s golden. Anyway, that makes me the proud owner of a brush set!

You can get the set here at

I wish you all a happy 2015 and I hope you will all make the best of it.
With love x


REVIEW // Mascara L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga.

After seeing the commercial for this mascara several times, I finally decided to try it. My previous one, also a L’Oréal, was the Volume Million Lashes. Before doing it, I watched some videos about the product. I give you today my appreciation on this mascara with great promises.

Let’s talk about the technical aspects of this product. It has natural hair and a pivot at the beginning of the head which is a little scary at first. But really, there’s nothing to be afraid of, the stem does not curve a lot under the pressure of our lashes. Just enough to adopt more fluid and natural movements. The mascara itself is very liquid which can lead to some overlaps on the eyelids if you’re kind of clumsy (but nothing very disturbing).

In the end, what do your lashes look like once everything’s applied? Very beautiful, basically. The Miss Manga offers long, thick and perfectly black lashes. A plus : it separates the lashes like none before which actually brings a Manga effect, even fake lashes.

But not everything is perfect, obviously. There are some negative effects. Too neat, he doesn’t darken the eyes enough at its base which let us look a little tired. It must be accompanied with a line of pencil or liner. The Miss Manga is so effective that I’d rather not apply it on the bottom lashes. They get so long this it makes it look less natural. I’d rather use a less intense mascara (such as the Volume Millions Lashes ones). But it depends one one’s taste.

Anyway, I don’t regret buying it at all and I think you won’t either. I prefer it to the Volume Million Lashes one, even though I still use it for the bottom lashes. About the quality/price ratio, I don’t find it too expensive.


REVIEW // Naked Basics Palette by Urban Decay.

The Naked Basics palette joins a serie of palettes of the same name « naked ». It comes perfectly since it brings essentials that the others won’t offer. Wether you know these wonders from Urban Decay or not, this pape ris made for you if you want to know what exactly you’re buying.

How does the Naked Basics differ from its cousins ? First, it only has six colours and most of them are mat. Only one of the mis shimmery in opposition to the other naked palettes which contains more shimmery shadows and less mats.

Nothing too fancy, you will only find nude, basic colours, which explains the name of the product. We have different beige, a brown and a black. There is also a shimmery white which is too white in my opinion. I never use it and would rather use a shimmery beige from another palette. Which colours do I use then ?

The four last ones, mostly. W.O.S is perfect as a base. After applying my concealer, I matify it with this colour on my whole lid and under my eyes, on my dark circles. It’s shad is neutral and natural. It brightens the eyes. I rarely use the Naked 2 colour because I don’t always have the time to make a real smokey eye. Most of the time, I only use Faint on the outer half of my eye and Crave (the black one), in the outer corner. I blend everything to get what looks like a smokey eye. Putting crave in the corner is perfect for creating a shadow and widening the eye.

The colours are very strong and pigmented. I can’t apply them precisely or properly choose the quantity yet. I keep everything under control with my blender brush. Crave is also very useful if you want to apply it like an eye-liner. The colour will not be as intense and could appear more like a grey line though.

The Naked Basics palette is perfect if you don’t vary your styles very often and like to have a neutral, well made look. It contains all the essentials that everyone should own and that you can include to every look. The fact that the colours are mat allow you to perform a structured day eye make up that will not show too much.

Anyway, a shimmery palette could be more interesting for the evening. Only buy this palette if you already own one of this kind (advice from the lady who sol dit to me). About the price, I think 29€ in Munich was a bit to high but the quality doesn’t lie. I couldn’t let it go. Because yes, Urban Decay doesn’t happen to sell in Belgium. For us then, it will be internet or you can wait for your next trip to a big city.


REVIEW // Essie “spin the bottle”, the perfect nude ?

It was a long time ago that I started to have interest in nude nail polishes. They’re pretty much the only ones I was interested in. I remember how one of my friends couldn’t believe that I was only asking her to buy me a transparent nail polish for my birthday (it was the small budget gift at the time). I asked that because it was impossible to find any skin color nail polish in a store at that time. But I wanted the same nails as the models in magazines which were colourless. Ever since, I bought and tested some of those nude products and my last find is an Essie one, the number 312 called “Spin the bottle”.

I found it in a clearance sale for only three euros. It was my first Essie product ever. I tested it anxious that it would be too dark and creamy like the Dior 219, too thin like the swanskin beige from & Other Stories (it’s actually a manicure nail polish), too white or that it would take too long to dry like a nude I bought from O.P.I. But really, I had nothing bad to say about this nail polish.

Two layers are enough, each dries in ten minutes. The finish doesn’t make bubbles (a problem I had in the past), the color is not too dark, at least on my skin, even though it sometimes looks kind of “foundation-y” in a certain light. Most important, the finish is plain and opaque.

It’s so easy to apply and I usually just paint one finger at a time when the color goes away. The brush is optimal, wide, it can take a bit quantity of nail polish (which is pretty liquid and non-creamy) and spread it all over in only one movement or two. Don’t forget to use a top coat to make it more elegant.

You’ve got it, I recommend this nude treasure to every girl who is looking for one. Note that my skin is not white white and that the color might be too dark for someone with pale skin. The other nail polishes quoted earlier from & Other Stories and O.P.I. might then be more of your carnation. But when it comes to product quality and application, Essie is certainly the way to go. Plus : it is perfect for nude feet.