You don’t like running ? Try jumping.

As a person who wants to get healthier and thinner, I have tried many ways to achieve my goal. I soon realized running was a hell to me. So I had to find something else. Luckily, Glamour France suggested an activity that looked perfect to me. Jumping. According to Glamour, 15 minutes of jumping rope is worth 45 minutes of running. That argument convinced me. So I bought a rope. Not a 200 dollars one like they suggested in the magazine but a 13€ one that you can find at Decathlon. You should buy a leather one and not a plastic one. It’s much smoother and it hurts less when it hits your back/leg/anything. Mine is black and gorgeous (if you can call a rope gorgeous).

When it comes to environment, you can jump outside or inside. You want to practice on a flat place or you will just be unable to jump properly. I personally practice in my living room where I have enough space. It means that I don’t have to dress and go outside in the cold. I can jump do it in my pajamas (aka legging and top).

My goal was right away 15 minutes. But you will not achieve them without stopping the first time. At the beginning, I usually stopped every three minutes for about thirty seconds. You then have the time to drink water. You should have a bottle of water next to you and drink during your pauses. I almost always finish a whole liter in 15 minutes of jumping. When I say 15 minutes of jumping, I mean of actually jumping. You should use your chronometer on your phone, start it just before you start and stop it just after you start your pause.

Jumping is nice because you can vary your moves. You can jump with both feet or “run” jump with always a foot ahead, jump with only one foot or even alternate them (I guess it’s pretty difficult to explain by writing). You can even jump with joint feet to the right and then to the left. Your breath is also easier to manage than when running. Your endurance is better then. The best I could do is jump for six minutes straight without pausing. And my forehead is usually covered in sweat. But I don’t feel broken down or almost dead like when I run.

When jumping, you will need music. At least I do. I usually use this babe (yeah I didn’t look very far) but you can just pick yours by typing “workout music” or “motivational workout” on Youtube. They mostly last longer than an hour and I don’t think you will work out any longer than that.

After jumping, you can pretty much go on with any time of exercise but go easy on the legs. I usually squat and plank when I don’t have much time. Do not forget to stretch your calves or it’ll hurt a lot the next day. Anyway, that was me sharing my experience about jumping (damn I write this work a hundred times), I hope it will inspire some of you who don’t like running but still want to cardio. I must say I did not really see any “changes” but that’s because I should probably do this a little more than once every two weeks. It’s still better to do something than nothing!

You can find my black leather jump rope on the decathlon website, here.