ANNOUNCEMENT // the blog is moving to ♡

Hello people! I’ve been blogging for about nine months now and as you can see, I haven’t yet given up. In fact, the more I blog, the more I want to blog. Basic-ish did not only the allow me to share a bit of my style and my universe with you, it also made me gain confidence, helped me develop this personal style. Anything that I purchase, is something that I want to show you, to share with you. Since blogging in taking so much space into my daily life, I couldn’t help but think about getting a domain name. Therefore, as from today, basic-ish is moving from to

I don’t think I could be happier. All of this has been possible thanks to you, my readers, thanks to my boyfriend who patiently took most of the outfit pictures, my best friend who is also willing to take pictures with me and to a guy I met in Mallorca and happened to be a developper (you can find him on this website). He actually took the time to create me a domain name and to code me a theme that would reflect basic-ish better than any other else. The one you’re seeing here is almost the end version. Having a domain name allows me to host both languages on one url only. In the sidebar, you can see two flags, the french one and the american one. Whatever post you’re reading, you can click on the flag of your choice and have it displayed in that language right away.

This is a big new start for me because many of my readers were users who decided to click on the follow button these last nine months. Now, most of my readers will come from social media, platforms like bloglovin or from search engines. Those who come from and kept sending me love by liking and commenting my posts these last months, you should know that you can still get to see my posts in your wordpress feed. In order to do so, you need to click on the setting icon next to “Following” in the sidebar of your wordpress feed, and then manually add You can also go follow this feed (to get posts in English) or this feed (to get them in french). Know, that I will keep coming on wordpress to read you and comment you, and that I will try to follow your blog on social media’s for those who use them.

I have so many ideas of outfits, beauty posts (you haven’t seen those in a while) and even a new category and other surprises. Once the theme is on point, I will get at work and give you all of these, finish the summer with a nice three posts a week schedule. I hope that you will like it and that my posts can truly inspire you.

This was the last post ever posted to and the “first” one of a lot of others to come on (even though you can find the old ones there too). You’ll join me, I hope, this is not a goodbye, it’s a hello again. On this note, I leave you to enjoy this week-end and we’ll probably meet again on Tuesday!


OUTFIT // Summer casual.

Hi people! You must’ve realized by now that I’m not especially good with titles. I usually go with naming one of the items that I’m wearing and that I want to enhance or I just describe the outfit if for example it’s a head-to-toe. But this outfit, I thought, is a whole. And therefore, after “summer chic”, I decided to title this post “summer casual”.

I do want you to have a special look at this very classy watch by Komono that my godmother offered me for my birthday though. It was definitely my favorite in the store. I’m in love with quite large faces when it comes to watches. This is such a perfect classier alternative to my huge OOZOO. The colors are pretty sophisticated, yet the red pops compared to some other monotonous bands. In Brussels, you can buy those at Hopono shops. One is located on rue des Chartreux and the other one on rue du Bailli. Komono is a Belgian brand.

About the rest of the outfit, I know a jean jacket may not feel like summer to some of you (I obviously did not need it in Mallorca) but here in Brussels, you always want to take a light jacket, even during the summer, especially if you plan to stay out late. Such a pretty jean jacket definitely tells summer to me. I’m always happy to take it out of the closet. I bought this one at Zara a few years ago and I have been looking for a new one that would be as perfectly cut, now that this one is kind of used up. I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet, unfortunately.

The dress, let’s talk about the dress (too much talk you say?). I bought it in Mallorca for less than ten euros at Cala Ratjada. I truly needed such a dress to wear around all day with my bikini underneath. Something simple. I never hoped I would be able to wear it in Brussels but it’s that basic that it’s quite easy to dress it up. Dresses with this length aren’t usually my thing but I just love how this one splits, revealing yet making you look covered enough. I don’t think a reasonable person could call this vulgar. The dress is pretty straight, it doesn’t show all curves, it feels pretty airy which is great.

Apart from the Komono watch, I accessorized the outfit with my small blue bag from Veritas that fitted right with the colors. I wore my leather flip flops by Les petites bombes. I just love to let my feet breath in the summer and leather flip flops are just perfect to be casual yet correctly dressed. You should totally try those.

I hope you love this outfit. I especially loved shooting it with my bestfriend, Joséphine. It’s been very different from usual (my boyfriend usually shoots me) but I absolutely love the result. The shooting place looks so beautiful and the pictures look so romantic to me! I hope you feel the same. I’ll leave you saying this : the next post will be posted on


outfit summer casual 15

outfit summer casual 2

outfit summer casual 3

outfit summer casual 6

outfit summer casual komono 2

outfit summer casual 4

outfit summer casual komono

outfit summer casual 5

outfit summer casual 7

outfit summer casual 8

outfit summer casual 9

outfit summer casual 12

outfit summer casual 10

outfit summer casual 13

outfit summer casual 14

RECIPE // Making makis.

making makis 6

I’ve been in love with makis and sushis ever since I first ate them, someday, a long time ago. I’ve eaten it in many places and different occasions and quality varied. I definitely did not love the sugary glue-full ones that you can find in supermarkets and even some Asian restaurants. I did love the ones I ate in China though, except for the one sushi that had a whole load of wasabi hidden under the salmon. I loved the ones I ate in Turkey too. However, it’s the Makisu, I told you about it in this article that made me go crazy for the Asian dish.

I learned to make makis at the “salon de l’alimentation” in Brussels, in 2014. Me and my boyfriend were in there, hoping for free food but such a thing was unfindable. We came across the maki stand where one could pay 5€ to learn the making of makis and then get to eat its creation. I was seduced. And so I learned.

You will need.

To make makis, you need a rolling mat, round or sushi rice, rice vinegar, nori sheets and things to put inside. Where to find the first four in Brussels? At the Asian supermarket in the city. It’s located Rue de la Vierge Noire 2, 1000 Ville de Bruxelles.

making makis 8

making makis 7

making makis 11


You must start by cooking the rice. Instructions are on the package but if you buy this one (which is pretty good quality and price), you’ll need to add a glass and a half of salted water to every glass of rice you use. 500g are pretty much good for 10 sheets of nori, aka 80 makis. Make it all boil and when it does, stop the fire, cover up and let in rest until all the water is absorbed. This lasts approximately 15 minutes. When it’s done, take the cover away and let it rest 10 minutes. Then, proceed to add rice vinegar and salt. Not too much but still enough. Taste it and if it tastes too much vinegar, add a lot of salt and mix.

While the rice is cooking, you need to prepare everything else. I personally like salmon (raw), chicken, omelet, shrimps, avocados, Philadelphia, carrots, cucumber, peppers. You need to cook the omelet and the chicken, and cut everything into slices.

making makis 10

making makis 12

When everything is ready, set yourself. Unroll your rolling mat with the white lines vertical in front of you. Place a sheet of nori on it. The lines you see on your nori sheet should be horizontal. Place a bowl with water in front of you. Wet your fingers so the rice does not stick and take a load of rice with them. Place it on the sheet and blend it over. The sheet should be covered with rice until the fourth line. Pay attention to the sides that needn’t be forgotten.

making makis 9

When this is done, just place the things you want in your maki in the center of the rice rectangle, forming a line across it. If you want, you can first “draw” a line with Philadelphia, aioli or any other sauce you’d like to use. I’ve seen people use a mix of mayonnaise and wasabi. The more ingredients you add, the more difficult it will get to close your maki and make it look graceful.

making makis

When you wish to close it, grab the end of your maki and the rolling mat at the same time. Hold the food inside with a finger, especially if you put a lot of it, so that it doesn’t fall off. You will bring this end to the line were your rice ends. Keep it closed with one hand and pull on the end of the rolling mat with your other hand. Do this at different points so that the maki is really tightly closed. Bring back your maki and the beginning of your rolling mat and roll once again. Then pull. Your maki will be tightly closed.

making makis 2

making makis 4

making makis 3

making makis 5

Once this is done, it’s time to cut (unless you like to eat it like a burrito). Take a good knife to do it. You will first cut it in half, in the middle. Then cut each half in halves. And then once again. That way, you make sure the maki pieces are even. You can eat your makis right away or put them in the fridge.

I hope my explanation was clear enough. The pictures are here anyway if you have any trouble with my words. If you love makis, you really should embark into this adventure of making them. The process obviously takes some time but it can be quite fun, just do it in front of a film if you’re afraid you’ll be bored. If you try to make your own makis, tell me how it went!


OUTFIT // Denim on denim.

outfit denim on denim 9

Hello people! Today, I’m showing you an outfit I shot a few weeks ago. It’s actually one of my favorites. I’ve had this denim shirt for a while now but I only discovered it a few months ago when I tried wearing it closed with no tank top underneath. I bought it at Pull & Bear. It’s a bit large but I still like it a lot! I like to pair this clear shade with darker shades. This time I paired it with darker blue pants that look like denim. I’m not sure it’s genuine denim though. You already saw them, I bought them at Zara. I love how they stop at the ankle with looks very classy with ballerinas. I only accessorized the outfit with this cute zebra clutch by La frénésie d’Aurélie.

I’m currently enjoying my holidays in Mallorca and I’m wearing it a lot. Not having to take an umbrella or a bottle of water really helps to make it possible. I really want to shoot some holiday looks, especially now that I did some shopping but I’m kind of embarrassed to ask my brother to shoot me. I will do it soon, I promise!

Anyway, here is where I leave you. I need to go prepare for dinner and wear one of my new purchases. May we meet again for another post ♡


denim on denim 2

outfit denim on denim 2

outfit denim on denim 4

outfit denim on denim 5

outfit denim on denim 6

outfit denim on denim 7

outfit denim on denim

OUTFIT // Summer chic.

outfit summer chic 3

Those last few days have been extremely warm in Brussels and in Europe overall. Sleeping has been awfully hard, shopping without sweating hasn’t been easy and wearing pants has been a real torture. I shopped shorts but today, I decided to dust my patterned a-line dress. I wanted nothing more than to let my legs and my feet breath.

I bought the shoes at 1001 pattes last week for 24€. They are leather and very stable. This type of shoes is a summer essential in my opinion. They are flat, they are open, they are casual and chic at the same time. I only wore them for the first time yesterday and they did hurt me a lot. It will probably pass next time I wear them though. I hope you don’t mind my blurred feet.

The capeline is another summer must. I can be worn both at the beach and at a classy event. It dresses your head, hides your face if you’re feeling tired and protect it. I love this one because the size is perfect, it is black and it protects my face pretty well. The top of your head can get pretty hot under it though when the sun is shining. I bought it at H&M for only 10€.

Lastly, let me introduce you to my clutch. I fell in love with it at the Brussels Vintage Market in May. It only cost 10€ and was actually handmade by a lovely Belgian girl. The brand is called “la frénésie d’Aurélie”. I love the texture and the pattern a lot.

I hope you like this outfit as much as I do. I’m sorry, the sun hid hitself right when we went photoshooting, the heat was there anyway. Please tell me what you think about it! May we meet again for another post.


outfit summer chic 2

DETAILS » Capeline, H&M (10€). Dress, New Look. Shoes, Les petites bombes (25€). Clutch, La frénésie d’Aurélie (10€).

outfit summer chic 5

outfit summer chic 4

outfit summer chic 6

outfit summer chic

outfit summer chic 7

outfit summer chic 10

outfit summer chic 13

outfit summer chic 11

outfit summer chic 14

outfit summer chic 12

#powerofmakeup, my story with makeup and how I feel about makeup shaming.

I started wearing makeup when I was around thirteen. I simply went with mascara and bronzer. At that time, it certainly was a way of feeling more secure. I was pretty negligent towards my appearance then, even though I always considered myself beautiful. I used to kind of shame girls wearing too much makeup, foundation and everything. I admit it, I tried to discredit their beauty by saying that they were all foundation anyway. That was until I met a girl who actually showed me how beautiful I could be with makeup and made it magic to me.

Ever since that day, I started wearing makeup, for real. I was sixteen. A guy at school actually asked why I started doing that, all of a sudden and said that I should not do this, that I was not that kind of girl (I was also the type of girl he would never date and would abusively touch in school corridors by the way). I was always fond about him in an in sane way but I couldn’t care less about his opinion in that moment.

He was not the only one who tried to stop me from making up. Pretty much everyone did. My uncle, who’s very into everything natural and yet is a geek, told me that I did not need foundation when he first saw me with it. And he kept making remarks every time I saw him for a few months on, always saying things such as “you’re really not going to stop, right ?” I get the good intention, he was probably worried that I was insecure, he was trying to tell me how beautiful I am without it. Friends told me the same things. Friends told me that I really didn’t need all of this to be pretty (until they eventually asked if I was sick or something when I went makeupless).

What they didn’t get was that, I did not feel like I needed this to be pretty. I thought I was pretty even when I was all teenage oily skin and unwashed hair. I did this because I loved it, because making up made me happy, it brought me joy, it was a way to express myself and to try and show who I was, who I wanted to be. I guess I was very clumsy and my makeup was probably not always perfect at that time, but still. It has been a journey for me throughout those three years. It has been a joy to experiment, to discover new products that would suit me better, that would look more natural, products that would fit my style. It has been a journey to learn all those skills that I have now and it will be a journey to learn all those skills that I do not have yet.

Makeup is not always excessive though. I tend to go for nude, rosy, simple and classy looks. Because it is who I am and you probably guessed it from reading my blog and even from my blog name. But I do not condemn people who are excessive through makeup. People have the right to do whatever they want with their face. And they probably know that you find their contoured lipstick too much or their eyebrows too sharp. But they do not do that to please you, they do that for themselves, mostly. My mom has often told me that I looked like a paint pot, even when I didn’t that much. She criticized me when I started touching up my eyebrows and they were always a bit too dark and too obviously drawned (even though she was always the one to tell me to never try and minimize them because they made me beautiful and that’s why I felt they were important). It’s kind of hurtful to get those remarks sometimes. She still asks me sometimes if I really needed to put so much foundation on my face when really I’m trying to go light. I just answer “yes” because I do not want to explain to her.

I do not want to explain to her that NO I do not NEED to put foundation on my face, but I do because I love it. Sometimes, I decide to wear less makeup when I go to the grocery store. Sometimes, I decide not to wear makeup at all to go and buy jam on a Sunday morning. I love days when I stay at home and I don’t have to makeup. And I find myself beautiful on those days. Natural, myself. But I love those days as much as the days when I do have somewhere to go and I get to makeup which is such a joy to me. On those days, I find myself beautiful too and, most importantly, I feel as much myself as the days where I don’t makeup.

This is why, today, I chose to take part in the #powerofmakeup hashtag, because its object is something that has been on my heart for years. Today, I chose to share with you a picture of myself with a side of my face made up, and the other side makeupless. This picture shows you my two faces. Both are my TRUE face. Both are me. I want people to understand that. Makeup is for me a way of expression and a way to feel happy, just by doing it. Also, my love for makeup has been one of the factors that decided me to start this blog and communicate this energy and mean of expression in my own way. This project has since then made me even happier and made it all feel even more relevant. It may sound silly to some, but it has given me a purpose at some point. All of this, this is what the power of makeup is to me.




They caught my eye in june, birthday edition.

Just because it was blocus time doesn’t mean that I didn’t look for good things online. In fact, at the end I had a whole week before my last exam and I mostly spent it watching Youtube makeup reviews and tutorials. I fell in love with a certain amount of products, some that I bought as soon as I was done with finals and some that are on this list. This list is a special birthday edition and thus, it will feature some items that I’ve already talked about in precedent editions of this serie. There are some things that I still crave, even after months.

they caught my eye in june makeup

What I bought.

Let me first tell you about the makeup products I already bought. After watching oh so many videos, I decided to purchase the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush for 15€ at Di. It has been working very lovely and very differently than the Miracle Complexion sponge. I also acquired Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara which has proved to be the best drugstore mascara out there and is probably the best mascara I’ve ever tried. I also bought the Bourjois Rouge édition Velvet in color 10, Don’t pink it of. I came across a girl showing it off on Instagram, went to the store, tried it, loved it and bought it. I just love the smooth texture and the natural finish. A friend of mine bought in color 7 which is absolutely gorgeous too! As we’re talking about lipsticks, I also bought the rose universel lipstick from L’Oréal which adapts to the color of your lips and give them a natural rosy look. I also bought L’Oréal’s Infaillible 24h matte foundation and Maybelline’s Fit Me concealer. Those are great but I need to wear them for a longer time before I can give make a true review. Last but not least, I added a nailpolish to my small collection of nailpolishes. It’s an O.P.I in color Bubble Bath. I discovered that shade last summer on Pinterest but still had two bottles of nudes and therefore waited for them to be empty to make to purchase. The color is amazingly perfect but I do think that O.P.I nailpolishes are too thick and take too much time to dry. Let’s see now the things that I do NOT have but that I would very much like to possess.

they caught my eye in june

What I’m craving.

The makeup.

1. Sigma’s F80 flat kabuki foundation brush, $24. This is a best seller. I discovered it while watching Youtube makeup tutorials about foundation and other stuff. It simply seems to be the best at its job. It happens to be quite expensive, and I’m not even talking about bringing it to Belgium. However, it is a price you have to pays for quality. Maybe one day.

2. 201 pointed crease brush by Real Techniques, $16. We’re lucky Real Techniques products are sold in Belgium, at Di stores but we’re unlucky that the bold metal collection is not sold here. I came across this brush while looking for something else on Real Techniques’ website and it just sounds interesting. I’ve been looking for a crease brush for a while and that’s quite a difficult thing to do. Here is probably my answer.

The clothes.

1. Triangl’s Idiana Ice Milly bikini, 89€. This was already featured in one of my first wishlists and I still haven’t got my mind off it. I was ready to order a few nights ago until a friend told me it would cost me almost a hundred euros in taxes. I just couldn’t take the risk to pay such a big amount of money. Anyway, I’m still looking for a bra-like bikini that fits small breast.

2. This feutre capeline from Urban Outfitters, 40€. I simply fell in love with it when I tried it in the store. I find it very well-cut and very classy looking. Of course, it is not really a summer accessory but it definitely great for the rest of the year. I already imagine myself wearing it in winter instead of a beanie.

3. Hunter wellingtons, 120€. Those have also been featured already. I really fell in love with those as I started to look for fashionable rainboots. They are evidence. However, they do cost quite a lot and therefore remain a dream for now.

4. A t-shirt or a pull-over from the Belgian brand mais qui es-tu, from 40 to 80€. It’s probably the first time I’ve talked about a Belgian brand on here. I was walking through Ixelles when I entered a boutique that sold some of this brand’s products and fell in love with them. I especially loved the “chou de bruxelles” pull-over in blue, which I found very cute. Those t-shirt are handmade which means you can order any size in any color and with any message on it. The seller even told me you can write your own message. I’m seriously considering ordering one saying “basic-ish by Natacha”. How cool would that be? I’m almost done but I need to tell you first that the cut is very beautiful. The neck is not too high, it is spaced enough which is great since I tend to feel oppressed in too high necks. The cut is pretty fit, the sleeves are just fit enough. I can’t wait for all of these to be on sale!

5. This bikini from Asos, 40€. Extrapetite’s blog gave me the idea. She wrote a post about this bikini, saying it could be a great alternative for people who find ordering Triangl’s bikinis too difficult and costful. She herself has a small breast and the bikini looks amazing on her. I find the pattern really pretty and fresh. In comparison to Triangl’s, the price is such a great offer. Unfortunately, I just discovered that it is now out of stock which makes me sad.


OUTFIT // loose top and check shirt.

outfit casual vibe 6

I’ve been very satisfied with my outfits ever since I bought those cute little Vans dupes at Primark. They make my outfits effortlessly cool. They’re way easier and more comfortable to wear than flats and pretty much match with everything. Only the shoes are new on these pictures. The sunglasses are about three months old and the other clothes are all more than one year old. I think I bought the sunglasses at SIX but I’m really not sure since I purchased them at Inno. They were cheap though, so they must either be from SIX or I am. This outfit is frankly very simple but I absolutely loved the results because the lightning was fantastic. It almost looked like some Californian lightning. I hope you guys love the pictures as much as I do.

At the end of this post, you will see four pictures that show you how to fold your shirt sleeve perfectly. I learned it from one of my favorite outfit blogs, extrapetite. First, you need to unbutton your sleeve, then fold it one up to your elbow. After that, fold once more but let a bit of the end of the sleeve show. This trick has really made my life easier when it comes to shirts since I always like to fold their sleeves up. Anyway, here are the details.

Shirt, Pimkie. Top, Ginatricot. Pants, Zara. Shoes, Primark (8€). Bag, unknown brand bought at Oxygen on De Wand street, Brussels. Sunglasses, bought Inno for a very cheap price.


outfit casual vibe 5

outfit casual vibe 4

outfit casual vibe

outfit casual vibe 2

outfit casual vibe back

outfit casual vibe 3

outfit casual vibe sunglasses

outfit casual vibe sunglasses 2

outfit casual vibe primark shoes

outfit casual vibe primark shoes 2

How to fold your shirt sleeve perfectly.

outfit casual vibe how to

outfit casual vibe how to 2

outfit casual vibe how to 3

outfit casual vibe how to 4

RECIPE // Garlic “stuffed” tomatoes.

garlic tomatoes

You know how much I like garlic and vegetables. If you don’t love those, you’re going to get so bored with me today. My third recipe is yet another garlicful vegetable one (okay, that’s a fruit but still). I have been meaning to post it on the blog for a few months but the problem was that I always forgot to take the result picture which is kind of inconvenient when trying to make people feel hungry about your plate. Well, I finally came to my senses and took the picture. My brother’s friend really looked at me strangely, like I was a crazy person taking photographs of the meal.

Anyway, may I present to you the garlic “stuffed” tomatoes. I keep calling them this name even though I do not really stuff them. I cook them with their inside flesh and just add everything on top.

What you will need.

An oven plate, preferably a glass one. Olive oil. Garlic powder. Breadcrumbs. Tomatoes.

I usually use up to seven or eight tomatoes when cooking for four people. However, don’t forget that I do not cook carbohydrates with it. Those are usually alone besides the main dish which is generally meat or fish.

What you will do with all of these.

First, preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Then pour some olive oil inside your plate. You don’t need to pour a lot because you can spread it with a cooking brush. Wash the tomatoes and cut them in half. It’s best to cut one tomato at a time and place it in the plate. That way you can make sure they all fit in. Before you place it in the plate, put some olive oil on it with the brush. Of course, place them with the cut part on top.

tomates farcies

After they are all placed, take a tea spoon and your garlic powder. Pour half a teaspoon of this on each half tomato. When this is done, pour a whole teaspoon of breadcrumbs on them, thus covering the garlic. Lastly, pour very quickly olive oil on the tomatoes but it does not have to wet all the breadcrumbs.

Stuffed tomatoes

When this is done, you can put your preparation in the oven for 40 minutes. I tried using real garlic pieces once but they kind of roasted which did not taste great.

This meal is great to serve which grilled chicken, salmon or another fish for example. I love this recipe because it’s pretty easy to accomplish and doesn’t need much ingredients. The cooking is quite long though but it gives you more time to prepare the meat or fish, without worrying about anything else.

I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. Tell me how you liked it when you try it. May we meet again for another post. ■


OUTFIT // La marnière


Hello people! I hope you’re having a nice week or a nice holiday start. I definitely am. My life is a whole lot of staying home watching series (OITNB & House of Cards ♡), doing nothing, shopping for me and for friends, but also shooting outfits. I can’t wait to do it again to feature all the outfits I have in mind. I know my outfits mostly consist of basics but still, I love them. Today, I’m showing you another end of spring outfit for 16 degrees and plus temperatures.

The weather really hasn’t been that nice. There has been absolutely no sun in Brussels for a few days. Fortunately, it’s not cold which means I can go out with just a blazer as a jacket which is somewhat great.

This outfit features a classic, the “marinière” tee. This is an old one from H&M. They still make very similar ones though. I love the fact that it has red and not blue stripes. Another thing I love about marinières, except from the fact that they’re usually pretty basic, is that they generally come with a bateau neckline which I find very flattering and classy. This one model is very stretchy.

I wore it with what has been my favorite pair of pants lately. I bought them at Zara a while ago. I love the dark blue color and the fact that it stops before the ankle which I find great in summer when you want to wear trousers with flats. I accessorized the outfit with my small bag from Veritas and my all-time favorite OOZOO watch.

Tell me what you think about the outfit, I’m always pleased to see you care. May we meet again for another post. ■


t-ishirt marin col bateau

DETAILS » Marinière, H&M. Trousers, Zara. Flats, H&M (10€). Watch, OOZOO (40€). Bag, Veritas (30€).

t-ishirt marin col bateau 7

t-ishirt marin col bateau 3

t-ishirt marin col bateau 8

Veritas bag + oozoo 2

Veritas bag + oozoo